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nipuLsepen: does /usr/var/lib/samba/ exist?02:50
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juegood morning03:07
sepen /usr/var/lib/samba/registry.tdb?? I don't have /usr/var ATM and var/lib/samba03:13
sepennipuL, I fix the problem doing a symlink from usr/var to /var03:13
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juesepen: just read the log, I'll fix samba to use /var/lib instead of /usr/var/lib03:21
juebut why is your link missing?03:21
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sepenno idea03:28
sepenbut atm is running03:28
sepen<tilman> i don't have /usr/var :p03:30
sepenbut seems that is not only my case03:31
jueyeah, was my thought as well03:32
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pitillocan someone confirm the apr footprint in 2.5?04:52
pitilloif anyone has time and the option to take a look to it04:52
pitillowell, sqlite related. Sorry.04:53
pitilloummmm, well, NEW in sqlite3 (I think it's related to python)04:55
pitilloI mean in apr with sqlite3, added by python04:56
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pitilloif someone can confirm and tell me if it's my fault (this is the most propable)04:57
sepen$ prt-get quickdep apr05:00
sepene2fsprogs expat db gdbm apr05:00
sepenpitillo, seems a normal footprint missmatch caused for runtime deps05:00
sepens/caused/due to05:00
jue_pitillo: cause sqlite3 is most likely installed in 2.5, I tend to add sqlite3 to the deps05:02
jue_hmm, have to look at my opt ports soon ...05:02
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sepenjue, sqlite to apr¿? why?05:03
juewhy not, if it is installed anyway?05:04
sepenin a server box?05:05
jueIMO it's a good alternative to db05:07
jueand usable with dovecot,exim etc.05:07
juebut well, as I said, I have to think about that05:08
sepenwell, so xorg-server and dbus are the same case05:08
sepenxorg-server could depend on it to solve a lot of issues on xfce4605:09
sepenjust install the extra dep and recompile it05:09
sepenthis should does the trick05:10
jueI have no problem with that, but it's tilman's decision05:10
sepenyep, but could be discussed 'by the team' I suppose05:11
sepeni.e: subversion requires apr as dependency, but not sqlite3, so why it is required in this case as dependency?05:12
sepenmaybe I can explain my point of view ..05:12
sepenbut its not easy at all :-)05:13
sepens/I can/I can't/05:13
jueapr is used by other progs as well, and gdbm is never used by subversion, so it's basicaly the same05:17
sepenso how to proceed?05:19
juewe will see ;-)05:20
sepenlike perl dbd05:20
sependriver connector for databases05:20
pitillosepen, I think it musn't be added to deps (if it isn't a dep) I only suggest that if python (and then sqlite3) is in core, apr must be built with its support05:22
juehmm, python is _not_ in core05:22
sepenyep. thats the idea05:23
sepenpitillo, but in this case we have the same problem for gdbm and sqlite305:23
pitillojue, I see. Then was my fault05:23
pitillosorry for make reports like this05:23
sepenpitillo, maybe you want to say: 'if python will be in core, apr must be built ...'05:24
pitillowell, all are NEW files in the footprint mistmaches sepen ?05:24
sepen*err /will/d05:24
sepenpitillo, read some lines above ^^^05:25
pitillosepen, yes, I thought python was in core, that is why I told that. But was my fault, because isn't in core.05:25
pitilloand the mistmatches make reference to NEW files05:25
sepenya, but also we said that gdbm atm is a dependency for apr (as sqlite3 could become)05:26
pitillowe begin again with runtime deps then05:27
sepenbuilddeps Vs runtimedeps05:27
pitillothis can be a good discussion imho (I haven't the knowledge needed, but here there is)05:27
sepenpretty sure05:29
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aonsepen: xfce4-battery-plugin doesn't compile on 2.5 (probably because of kernel headers), you need to swap the order of some includes in libapm.h09:03
sepenhmm thanks Ill review later09:04
sepenbut think that xfce-4.6 will be released at the end of the year maybe, so I've these ports ready for update on the 2.5 branch too09:05
sepenaon, also Im still on 2.6.25 at home, I need to update my kernel and switch to 2.5 in my chroot environment before merging changes into the 2.5 branch09:08
sepentilman, ping (when being possible)09:11
aonhmm, it's still somewhat broken09:19
aonjust says that the charge is '50%%' no matter what09:19
sepenaon, ??09:22
sepen+-#include <linux/apm_bios.h>09:22
sepen+ #include <sys/types.h>09:22
sepen++#include <linux/apm_bios.h>09:22
sepenwhere is the difference? (spaces)?09:22
aonsys/types.h must come before linux/apm_bios.h09:22
sepenohh yeha09:23
sepenaon, did you have the compilation error log?09:23
aona sec09:24
aonoh right, i forgot to enable some more deprecated junk in kernel09:24
aonthis should fix it09:24
sepenlike what?09:24
sepenmaybe I could add this info in a README file or something09:24
sepeno yeah, conflicting types09:28
aonyeah, works now09:30
sepenwith kernel modifications?09:31
aonyou need to have "Deprecated power /proc/acpi directories" enabled09:31
sepenah ok and thanks Ill add this to a README09:31
* aon is running xfce4-panel with ratpoison :)09:32
sepenohh nice09:32
aoni don't know if you need CONFIG_ACPI_PROCFS, though09:32
aon_POWER doesn't seem to require it09:33
sepenaon, I suppose that with this kernel mod your patch is not needed, right?09:33
aonyes it is09:36
aonthey're completely unrelated09:36
sepenso adding a README will be right for me09:36
aonat this point, yeah09:36
aonthe patch isn't of much value until xfce is branched for 2.509:37
sepenok, I take some notes about09:37
sepenthankx OMT09:37
sepentilman, pingpong:: cruxbot still fails for contrib/2.409:41
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aonflac doesn't build on 2.512:15
tilmanwhy not?12:15
aonexamples/cpp/encode/file fails12:16
aonwhy does it even build those :D12:16
aonit lacks string.h12:16
tilmannot just string?12:16
tilmantry #include <string> first12:16
tilmanif that doesn't help, #include <cstring>12:17
aonah right12:17
aonwell it wants memcmp()12:17
aonyeah, cstring12:17
aonalthough it seems a bit pointless to build the examples12:19
tilmanheh, i really am maintaining flac12:19
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