IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2008-10-24

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sepennipuL, I think I could help you with the portdb if you want05:35
nipuLdo you know django?05:51
sepenno, I mean registering new collections, etc05:54
sepenIm in another timezone, so it would be helpful05:54
sepenalso whatever you want05:55
nipuLit's not like i'm getting inundated with repo registration requests06:21
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sepenwhy the iso contains /lib/modules/2.6.27{,.1,-rc9} files?11:50
sepenalso /boot/vmlinuz differs of /cdrom/boot/vmlinuz, no idea about that O_o11:53
sepenmaybe would be called crux-2.5-devel2 instead of test2 :-)11:54
sepenIm wrong, they don't differ11:57
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sepenjue, hi13:21
juehello sepen13:27
sepenI found these directories in the test2 iso: /lib/modules/2.6.27{,.1,-rc9}, they are right?13:36
jaegersepen: does virtualbox 2.0.4 work with xorg-server 1.5.x?13:37
sepenI'm still don't test it13:37
sepenjaeger, noted to my todo13:37
jaegerI have 2.0.2 installed here, haven't upgraded yet as I'm using one of the vms13:38
sepenthe last iso I downloaded was corrupted, I didn't check the md5 and burned 2 cd's, now I get the right one13:38
sepenso Ill try with the test213:38
juesepen: probably not13:38
sepentonight I've some time for tests :-)13:40
juesepen: thanks for the report13:41
sepenI was wondering about adding these line to the handbook: $ loadkeys -q es (replace es with your map), would be possible?13:46
sepenjust after loggin as root13:46
sepenwell linux experts surely don't need it, but is just a line and could be useful for others13:48
juesure, feel free to add it13:52
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sepennow here, someone is disagree?14:29
tilmani don't think i've ever run loadkeys14:30
tilmanever :D14:30
tilmanmmh well, i switched to qwerty 3 years ago14:30
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aondisk full? :)16:43
sepenusing reiserfs, so Ill try with xfs too16:43
sepenaon, nop16:44
sepenI've 4GB of virtualdisk16:44
sepenand also inside a 'host' partition with have 15GB still available16:44
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sepenI'm so tired, gnight!17:47
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nipuLbtw, i won't be able to make it to any more meetings for a while. it's dst here now (+11)19:37
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