IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2008-10-27

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sepennot sure, but we should add a faq question like: 'when the next version will be released?' > when it's ready09:03
rehabdollany specific reason why pango is still on 1.20.4? 1.22.x are devel. branches?09:36
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tilmanrehabdoll: 1.22.x sounds stable. i probably just suck13:07
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juejust committed binutils 2.19, its not official released yet13:29
juebut well,
tilmanstrange :)13:30
sepenI found something weird regarding 2.5 merges for perl and python based packages13:33
sepenjust wrote a mail to -devel ML13:33
tilmanyeah, those footprint mismatches are expected13:33
tilmani'll fix fine in the next few days13:33
sepenI think that this mail was necessary, sorry if someone consider it as spam :-)13:35
juenot, it's ok, but I'd not call it weird13:37
jueits more like same procedure every year ;-)13:38
juesepen: I've updated libxml2-python 4 days ago13:46
jueand mysql-python as well13:47
sepenI see13:48
sepenwell, tilman you know that I have an strange/weird/odd and particular english13:53
tilmanit's okay13:53
sepenlearning bit a bit13:53
tilmanthat's pitillo's motto!13:54
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juesepen: your email reminds me that we need a 2.5 brnach for contrib15:23
sepenand extends this message to contrib maintainers too15:23
juetilman: would you mind to?15:26
Rotwangyeah contrib 2.5 would be helpful15:29
sepenhmm well contrib.rsync appears in the test2 iso pointing to 2.5 ports15:31
juegood, so all we need is a new git branch :)15:47
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