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sepenmorning jue, and thanks for your answers at ML04:59
juenp, thanks for your report05:00
juesepen: btw, have you seen what I've added to FS#336?05:01
sepenI'm updating xfce to 4.4.3 now :-)05:02
jueoh well, a lot of work05:03
teKbtw sepen, do you know what to do to get the 'power off' button in xfce usable?05:03
teKi tried chmod u+s =shutdown already without success05:04
sepenteK, prt-get depinst sudo05:04
sepenteK, also read the Nice to have meta line in xfce4-session port05:04
sepenohh no! for 4.4.x I added it as dependency05:05
juesepen: I ask about FS#336 because I stumpled about the --no-check-certificate problem of current pkgmk and think that we should release a new pkgutils version with 2.505:05
sepenjue, could we send a reminder mail for today meeting05:06
sepens/we could/could we05:06
sepenjue, I need more time to learn your patch, one second please05:07
juesure, feel free to do it ;-)05:07
teKsepen: of course i do have installed sudo05:07
teKi'll have a look at xfce-session, thanks05:07
teKso i do have sudo installed; I'll look into configuring sudo properly for the user in question. thanks again.05:11
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sepenteK, just I used to use the wheel group05:18
teKand all commands allowed?05:19
sepenyep for my user05:19
teKit's my girlfriend's user, I don't want to allo everything for her05:19
sepensame for me05:19
sepenbut I need to poweron my home box to confirm that05:20
juefor me worked the following:05:22
jue%users  LOCALHOST = NOPASSWD: /usr/lib/xfce4/xfsm-shutdown-helper05:22
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teKjue:  thx, I'll give it a try. Googling did not help (btw)05:39
sepenteK, also #xfce would be helpful sometimes05:41
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tilmanRotwang: could you create the 2.5 branch of contrib.git?11:35
tilmanRotwang: i can tell you what to do11:35
tilmancd where/is/my/contrib_checkout11:37
tilmangit branch -l11:37
tilman(shoudl show 2.4 and masteR)11:37
tilmangit fetch11:40
tilmangit checkout 2.411:40
tilmangit rebase origin/2.411:40
Rotwangive done that already11:40
tilmanthen do now:11:40
tilmangit checkout 2.4 # to really make sure you are on the 2.4 branch :)11:41
RotwangAlready on "2.4"11:41
tilmangit branch 2.511:41
tilmangit push origin 2.5:2.511:42
tilmanlooks good in gitweb11:42
tilmanRotwang: now make sure that you always run 'git checkout FOO' before running 'git rebase origin/FOO'11:43
Rotwangso now i can make commits to 2.5?11:43
tilmanyes :)11:43
Rotwangive got already some crux 2.5 ready ports ;D11:44
tilmanjue: rotwang created the contrib/2.5 branch11:44
tilmanaha! i forgot to update the magic script on :)12:12
tilmanRotwang: try again in 5 minutes12:12
Rotwangk ;]12:13
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tilmansepen: pong12:14
sepennah, contrib.git commits still aren't reported by cruxbot12:21
tilmansigh, that crap12:22
tilmansepen: i restarted it, maybe it will work now :D12:22
tilmansepen: i had Rotwang create the 2.5 branch for contrib.git,  maybe the missing branch caused the problem12:22
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sepenhmm Ill test it later12:26
sepennow I need to exit to a friend's home12:26
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juetilman: thanks :)14:03
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sepenhmm maybe we should use skype + voice for meetings, muhahhaah :-)15:46
* sepen is drunken (a lot)15:47
sepenI've harmful friends :)15:50
aonlol :)16:05
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