IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2008-10-30

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juesepen: not important, but orage has desktop files in /usr/share/appications too06:48
juebtw, nice idea to remove that int. stuff06:49
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sepenohh ok06:52
jueadopted it to my ports with a different regexp, sylpheed for example06:53
sepenand your regexp┬┐?06:53
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sepensounds cool, Ill try to migrate mines06:54
sepenjue, did you take a look of xfce46 ports?06:55
juesorry, no06:55
sepenI just installed it and works fine, except icons doesn't appear by default06:55
sepenxfce4-icon-theme dissapears in 4.606:55
sepenI tested it directly in a crux2.5-test2 intalled box, just rocks!!06:56
juecool :-)06:56
sepentonight Ill install mlocate direclty on this box too06:59
sepenimho its a nice alternative06:59
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tilmandamn, i forgot to discuss the xorg-server & dbus/hal stuff11:56
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sepenjaeger, ping13:21
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sepenjue, $ for i in $pkgfiles; do sed 's@/.*/d@/\\[.+\\]=/d@' -i $i; done15:13
sepenjue, it does the trick :-)15:13
jaegersepen: back now, what's up?15:34
sepenwell, I'm maintaining libwnck on opt (as I talked with you), just I updated it  from 2.22.1 -> 2.22.0, and I think that you can remove it from gnome without problems15:34
jaegeryou went down a version?15:35
sepenalso this report would be useful for you
sepenno no, I've an error15:35
sepenjust the reverse15:35
sepenalso this one with common ports between opt/gnome/xfce could be useful for you
sepenand this another more extended for opt/gnome:, and xfce/gnome:
sepenwell I'm using a different identation tabs/spaces, sorry for that :-)15:43
jaegerI'll keep them in mind, not gonna think too much about it until I'm done updating15:51
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