IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2008-11-02

tilmanjaeger: good point02:05
tilmanalso something's broken with /etc/mtab02:07
tilmansome process complains about missing it on boot02:08
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juejaeger: wrt messagebus,
juetilman: one of latest util-linux versions introduced that warning message, when mount founds no mtab file04:17
jueTBH forgot to look closer at it ...04:18
tilmanjue: well, we could add a 'touch /etc/mtab' after /etc/rc:4404:34
tilmanif that's really the right thing to do :)04:34
juewell, or use '>/etc/mtab' instead of the 'rm /etc/mtab'04:35
tilmanright :)04:35
jueI thing the idea behind the rm was to clean up mtab from the temporary mount that happens before04:36
juenot sure, though04:37
juejust tested, touching /etc/mtab removes the warning04:43
juetilman: you'll commit that fix?04:57
tilmanthis one?05:06
jueyep, taht works for me05:07
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jaegerthis is amazing, I *still* cannot build a 2.4 updated ISO08:34
jaegerit's a different problem every build08:34
jaegernow perl is bitching about a missing separator in a makefile08:34
jaegerjue: ok, good08:35
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thrice`hi all.  recent update to rc seems to break a couple items14:02
thrice` / doesn't show up as mounted any longer.  probably due to the order of the mtab file?14:03
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