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pitillohello, has anyone noticed that gettext (/usr/bin/autopoint) depends directly in cvs?04:00
pitillo(run time dependencie)04:00
pitillohere there is a little link about this. A guy from E gave me this link, I hope this can be usefull
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sepenjaeger, did you read my gl-select related mail?09:26
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jaegersepen: yes, I saw it. I haven't had time to look at them yet, though09:29
sepenok, I'm interesting on getting your opinion specially09:30
juetilman: ping09:55
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tilmanjue: pong10:56
juehello tilman, our fix for rc from yesterday wasn't really successful10:58
tilmanwhy not?10:58
juethrice` made a valid bug report yesterday around 14:0010:59
tilmanokay, i didn't see that yet10:59
jueapologize for my improper test11:00
tilmanwell, i tested it too, of course11:01
tilmani'll have a look at the bug report11:01
jueI've put together a little page to get a better idea what's going on11:01
jueIMO we have to possibilities:11:02
jue1. accept the warning at boot time11:03
tilmanjue: i'll get back to you later, dinner time :D11:03
jueok, guten appetit11:03
jue2. add a '/bin/mount -o remount,rw /' after our 'touch /etc/mtab'11:07
tilmanthrice didn't file a bug at, did he? i don't find anything11:15
juenono, here in #crux-devel11:15
tilmanah i see :)11:15
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tilmanjue: imo we can't just ignore the warning. it's irritating :)11:40
sepenwarning: smoke can kill you :-=11:41
juetilman: agree11:42
tilmanjue: i see the bug though ;)11:42
jueyeah, me too :)11:43
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jueusing remount seems to be the only sane way to write an entry for / into mtab11:47
sepenhnmm you mean the /etc/mtab warning at boot?11:48
sepenand the ln -s to /proc/mounts?11:49
tilmanwe fixed the warning on sunday, but now / doesn't show up in mount output :)11:49
jueIMO we should keep a real mtab11:50
juenot only a /proc/mounts symlink11:50
sepen/etc/mtab must be a symlink to /proc/mounts with linux >= 2.6.26  --->
tilmangood find11:54
sepenI was looking for a fix, the warning message sometime ago11:55
sepens/fix,/fix for/11:56
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juewell, the entry for / looks different12:06
jue/dev/sda2 / xfs rw 0 012:07
jue/dev/root / xfs rw,attr2,noquota 0 012:07
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juetilman: have to leave now, opinion how to proceed?14:20
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jaegergod damn it, a NEW error in the bootstrap16:14
jaegerthis time dialog's build segfaulted16:14
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nipuLugh, i think the boss managed to by the only modern motherboards without sata raid23:12

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