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teKcould you please check the md5sum for gnuplot?02:51
juehi tek02:51
jueyes, has changed, the original file was from Sep 23, now its Oct 502:56
jueonly doc changes, diff ->
jueteK: thanks02:58
teKyou're welcome02:59
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tilmanjue: i have no idea.10:20
tilmanjue: how do other distros handle /etc/mtab these days? do they all make it a symlink to /proc/mount?10:20
sepentilman, did you read my paste about debian yesterday?10:21
tilmanmore sources/more proof would be good :)10:21
sepenyep +110:21
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juetilman: AFAIK no10:39
jueI've looked today to our friends from arch, quite similar10:40
juethey are doing a remount of / to write the root entry into mtab, so it seems my idea from yesterday is not so uncommon10:42
jueprincipally I like the symlink approach, but two things to consider10:45
jue1. the strange looking entry for root in /proc/mounts10:45
jue2. mount(8) still suggest to use /etc/mtab10:46
juedifferent task, but FYI
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tilmani see11:24
juetilman: if we are in doubt let's stick with /etc/mtab, at all it's not a big issue11:27
juesepen: you have read the log?11:29
sepennop, I just back from my the office11:30
jueok, please do so ;-)11:30
sepenjue,  you mean about the list link ?11:31
sepennow reading it11:31
sepenohh remount -o rw /11:32
sepenit sounds nice for now, just as you said is not a big issue11:34
tilmanjue: let's do the remount. i'd really like to not see the warning on each boot :)11:34
sepenhmm, also I was wondering about the update process, i.e: If I have a kernel < 2.6.26 on my box running 2.4 and I use the iso to upgrade it to 2.5, then will I get the same warning?11:36
tilmanthis is unrelated to the kernel afaik11:38
juethe warning is a mount-only thing, introduced with util-linux 2.1411:38
sepenjust confused for the debian link, sorry11:43
sepenmeeting today?11:44
jueI'd suggest at least a short one11:46
sepen@seen cptn11:48
clbsepen: cptn was last seen in #crux-devel 2 weeks, 1 day, 21 hours, 12 minutes, and 9 seconds ago: <cptn> good night :-)11:48
juesepen: good call, IIRC he is away for 3 weeks11:49
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juetilman: what's your schedule wrt pkgutils?13:05
juewell, if any :-)13:10
juebesides we have two request for 2.5 from Clemens:13:12
jue1. add sourgeforge ip-address to /etc/host13:13
jue2. add unsquashfs to the ISO13:14
sepen[1] yep but this ip?13:14
sepenwhich is the main sfg mirror?13:14
juethat depends13:14
juefor europe others are better than for the states13:15
tilmanjue: ah, i can roll a tarball now13:15
sepenPING (
sepenjue ok13:15
jueI don't see a proper way to do this13:16
juetilman: cool13:16
juehaving unsquashfs on the iso sound ok for me13:17
sepenbut where? /bin?13:17
sepenor /crux/tools/?13:17
jueI think any kind of loopback install is a nice to have13:17
juesepen: good question ;-)13:18
sepensure, I'll glad to have it for the safe-env that pitillo and me wrote13:18
sepenI vote for inside /crux in whatever dir13:18
sepenmaybe /crux/tools or /crux/bin, addons, ...13:19
juetilman: opinion on that?13:19
tilmannope :P13:19
sepenhave we others script candidates for the iso?13:20
sepenor in the near future13:20
sepenIm writing a makependrive one13:20
juesorry, another point about unsquashfs:13:22
juea static bin is around 750k vs 60k13:23
juetilman: what about rc, shall I commit that or do you want to do it13:30
tilmanjue: please go ahead :)13:31
tilmanjue: i pushed the pkgutils bump. do we need a separate announcement for that?13:55
tilmanwell, i only pushed it to the 2.5 branch of core.git13:55
tilmanwe could tack the pkgutils announcement onto the crux 2.5 announcemtn, when it's made ;p13:56
juefine, so we are ready to do a test3?13:58
tilmanyes :)13:59
sepentilman, we could use 5.33.0 on 2.4 boxes?13:59
tilmangnarf :P14:00
juehope that I can do a test3 until friday14:01
tilmani think it should be okay to only include 5.33 in 2.514:01
rehabdollim sorry, this issue might be done and moot: providing a static unsquashfs could really save ones ass and if 750k is the price to pay - i dont mind it14:02
sepenteK, well I can't see why not merge it to 2.414:03
sepentilman, ^^^ I had a tab issue :)14:03
juesepen: we should have something new and fancy for 2.5 :-)14:04
sepenyes ofcouse14:04
tilmansepen: 5.33 only has new features, right? no critical bug fixes :)14:05
jueyeah, shiny is the right wording14:05
juerehabdoll: I think so as well, if there are no objections ... ?14:06
sepen2.5-shiny instead if 2.5-test3?14:06
tilmanwhat's to object? :)14:06
tilmani mean, there's no downside, right? :P14:07
juestatic unsquashfs on the iso14:07
tilmanyes, but so what? :]14:07
jueok, we save the 750k easily if I remove the one or another old kernel module ;-)14:09
sepenan offtopic question: would you like to have a bootsplash image on the iso?14:10
sepenor better for a live-cd?14:10
Rotwangno :<14:11
Rotwangit doesnt fit to crux imo14:11
sepenI mean something minimal like, but yeah -1 for the idea14:12
Rotwangoh, this looks ok for me ;]14:13
Rotwangi confused bootsplash with fbsplash14:13
sepensplash.lss 7.5K14:15
sepenand jus one change for boot.msg14:15
juesorry, but TBH, I'm not really amazed14:17
juebut well, I have no strong opinion on that14:22
juesepen: what is makependrive?14:32
sepena script14:34
sepento make a usbdisk image14:34
sepenisohybrid didn't work for me14:35
juefrom the iso contents?14:35
sepenwell I'm trying to make my ow14:35
jueown iso?14:37
sepenwell I think I could separate this script14:38
sepenjue, yes I have another iso stuff but only for playing and learn how to do some things14:39
jueyes, I know, we talked about that, but having a script that creates an usbdisk image from our iso would be pretty cool14:40
jueif that isohybrid didn't work (never tried it myself)14:41
sepenyep, isohybrid could be nice too, but at least forme it doesn't work14:41
sepenjue, I tested it on some sun x2100 boxes14:41
juecu and good night14:56
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jaegeryay, finally got a 2.4-e1 bootstrap to work20:09
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jaegerthat's my rewritten initramfs and whatnot21:58
jaeger2.5 is based on it21:59
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