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sepenhi mike_k09:51
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sepenmike_k, I would like to maintain lm_sensors in the opt collections, that would be good for avoid it as duplicaded (xfce and contrib ATM), what do you think?09:52
sepenand one question, for why do you need 'i2c-tools'? as nice-to-have dep would be ok for you?09:57
sepen@seen jue10:19
clbsepen: jue was last seen in #crux-devel 1 day, 19 hours, 22 minutes, and 40 seconds ago: <jue> cu and good night10:19
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mike_ksepen: i2c-tools are there because they used to be in one single package. someone with specific chips might need them...10:29
mike_ksepen: do you want to maintain the tools too? maybe you'd like to have it in contrib and change the maintainer line? =)10:30
mike_kand 'nice too have' looks reasonable10:34
sepenhmm, yep I think so10:43
sepenmike_k, I prefer to maintain only lm_sensors and keep i2c-tools as part of contrib10:50
sepeniirc i2c-tools is not duplicated10:50
sepenwell Im going to part from the office, mike_k Ill notify you for removing from contrib, bbl10:56
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sepentilman, around?13:15
sepenI've a usbdisk image based on test213:15
sepenjust it works13:15
sepenI finished two installation successful at office13:16
sepenon a shuttle barebone, and on one sun x210013:16
sepenI uploaded the usbimage to crux.nu13:16
tilmani'll see whether i can test it on the weekend13:17
sepenI'll delete it if you want13:17
tilmanhuh? :p13:17
sepentilman, I found also a little issue with cpio13:17
sepenjust initramfs have some errors13:17
sepenwe don't provide some modules listed in initramfs.lst13:17
sepenso after cpio -i < initramfs I've some warnings13:18
sepenI don't have enough bandwith in my server box13:19
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sepentilman, sorry, and here the sources
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jueas promised, I've uploaded a test3 to
juetested on 2 different boxes here, seems to work well so far14:37
sepenjue, I've a usbdisk image14:39
juetilman: you could do me a favour and write an announcement to crux14:39
juesepen: oh, cool14:39
sepenjue, read the backlog  please14:39
juefrom test2 I guess14:39
sepenalso I think I found a minor bug14:40
sepenin the initramfs14:40
juebacklog of #crux-devel?14:40
juehmm, why do you whant to delete it?14:42
sepenjue, if the case you think its too big for hosting on crux.nu14:42
tilmanjue: crux or crux-devel?14:43
sepenimho #crux14:43
sepenjue, seems that this modules are not compiled for this kernel and they are still listed in initramfs.lst14:44
jueit's a test3, so I'd suggest devel, the main purpose should be for other maintainers to test there ports14:44
juesepen: well, that's strange, because I'd created the list with a script that scans for available modules14:46
jueat least I thought taht ...14:46
juebut will look into the error14:46
sepen$ cpio --no-absolute-filenames -i < initramfs14:46
sepenjust test this command, I think is the one who prints the message14:47
juebut at all I don't think its a showstopper for test314:47
sepenbut just a curiosity :-)14:47
jueyep, we should fix that for sure, at least for a upcomming rc14:48
sepenjue, hmmm14:49
sepenwait, I'll check if I have the lastest sources14:50
sepenmaybe my initramfs.lst is outdated14:50
sepeni.e: ide-cs.ko14:51
sepenjue, 259M of iso, cool!14:57
juewould be nice to have it smaller than 200M ;-)15:02
juebut these times are gone, obviously15:02
sepenI was wondering about a iso with core collection only15:03
juesepen: I got no error if I ran 'make initramfs-clean initramfs'15:03
sepenwell I discovered it using cpio command15:04
sepenfor the test3
jueso the kernel gen_init_cpio doesn't check that15:10
sepenin the make_usbdisk script I unpackage the initramfs to patch some stuff, so later I repackage the initramfs and also I've a similar message15:10
juehmm, seems the error message is suppressed in the makefile15:12
jueor produced on std output and redirected into initramfs ;-)15:16
juewell the whole iso creating process is not very save, I've created a couple of test already, but not enough15:18
juetilman: many thanks15:23
juesepen: dunno whats happen here, the modules are at there correct places on the iso15:37
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sepenjue, well just we should ignore it15:48
sepenjue, I build a usbdisk image with the test3 iso15:49
jueguess I found the problem, the dirs for that drivers are missing in initramfs.lst ;-)15:49
mike_ksepen: just tell me when to remove lm_sensors and change i2c-tools 'maintainer' field (fell free to do it yourself, though)15:52
juesepen: very cool would be to provide only the script, so the user is able to produce the usbimage with it15:52
juesepen: anyway, will test your usbimage tomorrow15:59
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juesepen: where can I find it?16:02
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