IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2008-11-07

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juesepen: around?05:21
juetried the usbimage, but got an error05:23
sepencan't boot up?05:24
juemount: mounting /dev/sda on /.tmpfs/.usbdisk failed: invalid argument05:24
sepenah its ok if you have more than one sd* device05:24
jueI guess thjat sda should be someting like sda1 etc05:25
juedidn't work for me05:25
sepenwait Ill try to explain it05:25
sepenif you take a look the init.usbdisk script you can see why I hardcoded these values05:25
sepenalso note that you need to dd'ing a usb stick formated as 'superfloppy', so it would be without partitions, all become a uniq partition05:26
sepen  # uncomment when 'sed' will be compiled in busybox05:27
sepen  #USB_DEVICES="`grep sd /proc/partitions | sed 's/\(.*\)sd/sd/'`"05:27
sepen  USB_DEVICES="sda sdb sdc sdd sde sdf sdg sdh"05:27
juewell, I did a dd05:27
sepenusing sda, sdb, etc?05:27
jueand it's booting until it comes to the above error05:27
sepenor sda1, sdb1, etc05:27
sepenhmmm, if your usb device its mapped as sd{a-h} it should detect it05:28
juehmm, IIRC it was of=/dev/sdb105:29
sepenin my case I've also the same error but I use /dev/sdb for mounting05:29
sepenjue, you must not formmated your usbstick with partitions05:29
juewell, the stick is formated in that way ;-)05:30
sepenjue you made dd if=image of=/dev/sdb ?05:30
jueok, give it another try with of=/dev/sdb05:30
sepensame error was happend to pitillo sometime ago05:31
sepenand he started the usb after using no partitions05:31
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sepenjue, I installed and upgraded a barebone using this usbdisk image05:32
sepenthe test3 one05:32
jueno problems at all?05:32
sepensame results as the cdrom05:34
sepenseems solid for me05:35
sepengreat job!05:35
sepenjue, I finished to test the usbdisk on a eeepc box, it boot up without problems (no installation because is not my box :-))05:37
juegive it another go, bbl05:38
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juesepen: works now :-)06:08
sepentest2 or 3?06:08
sepenbut we need more testers, should I send a mail to ML?06:09
sepenjue, could you do it please? seems that people have more respect to you :-)06:11
juenono, it's your work06:11
sepennope, its our work06:11
sepenor you mean its a contribution?06:12
jueadd a note about the dd of=/dev/xxx line to the mail, please06:12
jueor most people will run into the same problem than I did06:13
sepenjue, didn't you read my READMe file?06:13
sepen <--- here06:13
sepenbad sep'english but imho its enough06:14
juethere is nothing about _not_ to use a normal partition with the stick06:14
sepenooh yeah I see the right words06:14
sepenjue, did you build the image. or download it?06:15
jueI've downloaded it06:16
sepenah ok06:16
juewill try the build later or tomorrow06:17
jueleaving now, bye06:20
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nipuLthere's been a few complaints that doesn't hit anyone's mailbox06:33
sepen$ grep contrib-admin /etc/postfix/aliases06:38
sepencontrib-admin:  viper06:38
sepen$ grep ^portdb-admin /etc/postfix/aliases06:38
sepenportdb-admin:   viper06:38
sepensounds like a ticket for the admin06:38
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thrice`installed 2.5-test3 successfully here :)16:35
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jaegergetting test3 now, will test and report :)18:23
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sepenxD, jaeger I used usbdisk image for test3 to test it on a eeepc70018:44
sepenfor what I tested18:46
sepenfor what I tested test3 seems solid :-)18:47
thrice`so far so good here :)18:47
sepenthrice`, version for syslinux?18:50
sepenare you still on slack?18:50
thrice`no, I burned test3 to a CD18:50
sepenwell I mean that you can try with the last syslinux sources18:51
sepenthey have also a static 'syslinux-nomtools' which you could use the -s switch for a new attempt18:52
thrice`sure, I can try this weekend, making the image from a crux install :)18:52
sepenjust no idea about your case18:52
sepenthrice`, consider a bios firmware upgrade if is available on the net18:53
thrice`looks like alot of contrib ports need a rebuild for python18:54
sepenyep, I made a list for opt
sepenperl and python ports have hardcoded versions as directories18:56
jaegerwell, I'm trying to install test3 but vmware is really unhappy on this machine right now18:56
jaegersepen: nice. still tempted to put it on my eee901 but haven't yet18:57
sepenwell, as you know the setup scripts have some values pointing to /cdrom, I modified the 'setup' script and it works fine (install and update), but maybe not the other scripts line net-setup, etc.18:59
sepenI sent a mail to -devel about that18:59
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thrice`I have acpid + pm-utils working too :)19:28
sepenI'm off, I'm going to bed19:38
* sepen z.zZZ.zzz19:38
thrice`bye sepen19:38

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