IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2008-11-11

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jaegersepen: yes, I did see you mail about gl-select but I still haven't had time to test it12:04
sepenahh ok12:04
jue.oO same here, sorry sepen12:04
sepenI have more than one mail without an answer :-)12:04
jaegerI've just installed a fresh crux 2.4 machine, will try it there as soon as I find the mail again12:04
sepenso many thanks12:05
jaegerok, found it. I can only test the nvidia changes, don't have ati12:05
sepenjaeger, please be careful12:05
jaegerer, well, have a laptop with ati but it isn't here right now12:05
sepenI rewrote the nvidia-legacy-96xx not nvidia12:05
sepenI attached some patches too12:06
sepenjaeger, the main changeset  for nvidia is for providing a symlink to .$NVER files12:06
jaegerany differences from your mail on 2008-10-31?12:09
sepenhmm no iirc12:10
sepenIll read it again :)12:10
jaegermind if I paste you some output in a query?12:10
sepennop, I think I frozen it after sent the mail12:10
jaegermostly looks fine but there's that odd symlink to libGL_so_1_2_nvidia12:12
sepenplease ls -la libGL_so_1_2_nvidiaƧ12:13
sepenits symlinked to /usr/lib/
sepenor it should be12:14
jaegerit is, just odd looking output12:15
sepengl-select switch bettween _nvidia an _ati files12:15
sepenthen _vidia should point to .$NVER (made in their Pkgfile build)12:16
sepenor I coded it wrong12:16
sepenjaeger, well excuse I wrote it sometime ago :)12:16
jaegerwell, it locks up on me when I start x but I doubt that's a symlink problem12:16
jaegerand not even fully locked up, I can still kill X from an ssh session12:16
sepenso sounds fine for you?12:17
sepenor it soon to say12:17
sepenjaeger, is your nvidia card still supported with the next driver? I suppose it12:17
jaegerbit too soon. it looks good but I want to make sure... I'm rebuilding my input drivers now to see if I forgot to do that after updating xorg-server12:17
sepenyeah yeah, sure12:18
sepenbut did you like the idea of the unification, or bit unification?12:19
sepenhmm unification means the same that 'uniform way'?12:19
jaegersure, nothing wrong with that12:19
sepenbit a bit :-)12:20
jaegerit's weird... X starts but then I cannot use the mouse or keyboard, keyboard LEDs are frozen, etc12:20
jaegerI see my background and cursor12:20
sepenhmmm prt-get depinst'alled xorg?12:21
sepenor any D.E with prt-get depinst?12:21
jaegerit's not the nvidia driver, though, happens regardless of any driver12:21
jaegerno DE yet, this is a fresh 2.4 updated install with evilwm installed12:21
sepenmaybe you need some extra xorg stuff packages12:21
sepenpkginfo -i | grep mouse?12:22
jaegerI see "XIO:  fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server ":0.0"" when I kill X12:22
jaegerthe keyboard and mouse drivers are installed, I even rebuilt them12:22
sependid you read 'xorg-server 1.5.3 input driver problems' by tilman at crux ML12:25
sepenwell sorry a fresh install is not 1.5.312:28
jaegeryeah, I read it, still have a problem12:34
sepenjaeger, which version for xorg?12:35
jaegerwhich part?12:35
jaegerok, now it's working. I removed the xorg.conf and started over... no idea what was wrong with the old one12:36
sepenthe server,the bug is related to 1.5.312:38
jaegeryes, I know. that's sorted out now12:39
jaegerglx seems to be working12:39
jaegerall seems fine to me as far as nvidia and gl-select are concerned12:43
sepenwell I tested on a legacy-96xx one and my ati too12:44
sepenjust I need to know about nipuL opinion12:44
sepenand Romster for nvidia's contrib ports12:45
sepengnome builds sounds amazing :)12:46
jaegerI've updated most stuff to 2.24.1 in my svn trunk, just gotta make sure all builds successfully12:47
sepenjaeger, did you plain to have a new rsync repo for it?12:47
sepenat least as temporaly12:47
jaegeris the current one not good enough?12:48
sepenno no12:48
sepenits for having a new log here
sepenif you want, of course12:48
jaegerI'm not following what you mean12:49
jaegerthere's already an rsync repo, why would we need a new one?12:49
sepenah ok12:50
sepenohh sorry I missread again12:50
jaegerI have scripts that export the svn to rsync regularly, similar to the git->rsync on crux.nu12:51
sepenjust I wanted to use your 'svn trunk' branch for doing gnome reports12:51
sepenlike my other ones12:51
sepenjaeger, I have also a nice svn hooks too
sepenand /var/svn/hooks/post-commit calls to it12:55
jaegerI just use a post commit hook that mails a list about new commits12:58
sepenin a local svn repo?12:59
jaegernot a working copy, if that's what you mean12:59
sepenno no13:01
sepenwell I'm running svnserve in the same box where I have my crux repository13:01
sepenso I've a checkout using svn co file:///13:01
sependid you have it?13:02
jaegerI have mine on a centralized server, served via https13:02
jaegeralso, it was requested that I make a mailing list for commits so others could watch them13:02
sepenI can' serve subversion via https without migrating to http2, I'm running a obsd box13:04
sepenjue, what about net iso?13:07
juesepen: sorry, no idea13:08
sepenI found that net-setup has a broken link, so it should be added for a new TODO-2.5-net13:08
sepen 24 DEFAULT_MIRROR=""13:09
jaegernet-setup was never officially supported by anyone, as far as I know13:09
sepenbut it appears on the Makefile, just I pay attention on it13:10
juewell, I've done the 2.5 iso's because someone has to do it, but never want's to be the iso-chief13:10
sepens/pay/put ?13:10
jaegerI don't mind building the ISOs at all, just had problems with my build box for a while13:10
sepenjaeger, its the chief xD13:10
jueat at it's jaeger development and I'd more than happy if he could adopt it again13:11
sepenbut I'm glad with the last 3 isos you made jue :-)13:11
jaegerIt would be nice to see net-setup working again but it'll likely need some work13:11
sepenjaeger, I could help you if you want13:11
jues/at at/ at all/13:12
jaegerjue: I'm going to restore my build box tonight after work, hopefully.13:12
juefor sure I can help with the ports part of the job13:12
sepenI'm working on a usb installation too, so often I could give you ideas or something13:12
juein that area I've added some stuff already13:13
sepenthe setup part is working, but not the net-setup one13:13
sepenjue, ?13:13
jaegerI don't think net-setup was even updated for 2.4, I didn't have the time to work on it then13:13
juea target to crreate setup.dependencies, some test-sstuff etc13:14
jaegernow I have a little free time again for it, net-setup and usb stick/cdrom support were on my list of things to get updated and working13:14
jaegerjue: aye, saw that, very helpful13:14
sepenjaeger, I've the usb stuff running fine13:15
sepennow I started to write some parts using the unsquashfs tool that jue added13:16
jaegerI know, I've seen that stuff, just haven't looked in depth yet13:16
sepensorry sometimes I feel ignored :)13:17
jaegerI can't speak for everyone else but I simply haven't looked into it because there hasn't been time, not because it's uninteresting or to be rude13:17
sepenjaeger, excuse me13:17
juesepen: same is valid for me, I've done a quick test with your img, but not more so far13:19
sepenmaybe I'm a bit repetitive :-)13:20
juebut we all are interested in a nice solution to create an bootable image for an usb-stick13:20
sepenyep, and maybe with jaeger live isos we can do a usb live with unionfs, etc etc13:21
juewell, I'd suggest to go step for step13:22
jaegerWhat I originally wanted to do was extend the init script I wrote to be able to search usb and SD and whatever in addition to the cdrom checks13:23
sepenjue not official, just contrib iso's could be imho13:23
jaegerso we wouldn't have to separate images too much13:23
sepenjaeger, I can't implement a good search (like the cdrom one using /proc) for the usb for now13:24
sepen  #USB_DEVICES="`grep sd /proc/partitions | sed 's/\(.*\)sd/sd/'`"13:25
sepen  USB_DEVICES="sda sdb sdc sdd sde sdf sdg sdh"13:25
jaegerthat was the problem I ran into as well. I couldn't find something useful in /proc or /sys like the one for CDROM drives13:25
juetilman: ping13:26
sepenmaybe using dmesg13:26
sepenbut I don't like this idea13:27
jaegerI'd rather specify a fixed list like you typed above than do that but I hope to research it a bit more soon and find a better solution13:27
sepenwell, I'd like to have one more entrie for the boot options to have a init=/bin/sh instead of /init13:28
sepencould be useful?13:29
sepenwell or finally people can do it manually also13:30
sepenjaeger, I'm also working on the setup script, to have a part similar to fedora's kickstart files13:31
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juejaeger: forgot to say thanks for your offer to build the iso's again13:38
jueIMO we should do a rc in a week or so and if that works it could be the fianl as well13:38
sepenyep, thanks too13:39
sepenboth of you13:39
jaegerno problem, glad to help out :) I only stopped due to time constraints anyway :)13:40
juesudo awk '/test3\.iso.+200/ {a[$1]};END{print length(a)}' /var/log/apache/
* jaeger is one of the few, the proud, the 1314:18
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jaegersepen: can libwnck be updated to 2.24.1 without breaking anything in xfce?15:31
sepenIll test15:32
sepenthat sounds common?15:38
sepenjust building libwnck 2.24.115:39
jaegerI always laugh when I see that15:40
jaegerthere's also a newer version of vte but it's only a minor version, doubt much has changed15:43
sepenwell xfce4-xkb-plugin builds fine with the new libwnck15:48
sepenso I'll update it15:48
jaegerok :)15:49
sepenhmmm wait, I can't start the plugin15:52
sepenno idea if its due to libwnck or just the new xkb-plugin for xfce415:52
sepenI recently update it, this morning I think15:53
sepenreally no idea
sepenI can't see any return message on executing it15:56
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sepentilman, thanks for the note about xorg.conf and the empty input method18:12
sepenjaeger, finally seems libwnck is corret and sounds more like a xfce4-xkb-plugin issue18:19
jaegerthanks for the update18:36
sepenI should check more xfce ports, tomorrow maybe. I'm off now18:49
sepenwell, night!18:49
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