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juesepen: FYI, I've added the additional symlinks to opt/nvidia with version 177.8203:35
sepenI was wondering about adopt the opt/gl-select port if nipuL is according to it03:41
sepenI'm the co-author of gl-select so I think I more interested on it03:41
juesounds reasonable03:43
sepenjue, did you use nvidia port or just you update it?03:45
juesure, I'm using it03:46
sepenjaeger tested it with my gl-select modification (manually) and seems it works fine, right?03:47
sepengentoo has a complete framework to avoit conflicting files, imho it would be nice to have in a near future03:51
sepenas an example see 'file conflict found' reports -> (postfix, masqmail, esmtp, ...)03:55
juesepen: no, got an error about a missing libdri_so04:02
sepenjue, ls -la /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libdri* could you paste me the result?04:04
jueonly and libdri.so04:06
sepen# check for the existence of xorg backups04:07
sepenlocal ebackups="$(getExistBackups)"04:07
sepenjue, this function?04:07
jueoops, dunno :-)04:07
jueit says: either you are using an non-xorg ... blabla04:08
sepenwell, could you use bash -x gl-slect ?04:08
sepenyep thats one04:08
sepenI suppose you want to update nvidia, so you are using gl-select use xorg; gl-select use nvidia04:09
sepenI think you need to use the old gl-select for restore the xorg stuff, and then you can use the new gl-select method04:09
jueyeah, that seems to work04:11
sepenI should write a little note :-)04:12
sepenjue, thanks for testing it04:12
juewell, that's not nice, if someone updates his gl-select without selecting xorg first he has a broken system04:13
sepennot really04:13
jueat least gl-select doesn't work04:13
sepennvidia doen't conflict with libdri04:13
jueIMO we should avoid this04:14
sepenany idea?04:14
juesorry, no, never looked into gl-select ;-)04:15
sepenwell I think I could write a function to avoid this04:15
juecool, please do it04:16
sepenjue, the problem appears with the new ati catalyst, so it provides libdri which never appear before04:17
sepenso $BACKUPS now as one more file04:18
jueahh, I see04:18
jueleaving for lunch now, bbl04:18
sepencp /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libdri{.so,_so}04:18
sepenthis should do the trick04:18
sepenlater jue04:18
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Rotwangwhen the crux 2.5 becomes public alle ports with python perl stuff should have bumped releases06:00
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pitill0hello, good afternoon10:27
tilmanh pitillo10:27
tilmanerr, hi10:28
tilmanRotwang: yes, i think that's what we did in the past, too10:28
pitill0nipuL, thank you for adding the repos in portdb, can you add a last slash in pitillo repo?10:28
pitill0hello tilman :)10:29
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