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teKtilman: pong!00:40
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sepenteK, i get this message using prtverify FATAL contrib/thttpd ........... world writable directory found: home/www/users/07:49
sepenwhy home?07:50
teKI will have a glimpse on it by the end of this week; moved to a new flat (+ garden.) and don't have internet there yet07:53
sepengood luck with the flat and garden07:54
jaegersepen: the cedega tarball's md5 is different for every user who downloads it, something they do on their end upstream08:13
jaegerthat's why it has no .md5sum08:13
sepensounds fine for me, and just it would be fine to add this reason to the readme08:18
rehabdollgarden... my my mr. fancy :D08:31
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teKuhm well :> atm it's looking more than a construction site09:23
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tilmanteK: you uploaded a test image with lvm/crypto, didn't you?10:10
tilmaniirc mike_k asked about your stuff yesterday10:10
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juetilman: added two tickets today, #379 and #380, please have a look10:16
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tilmanjue: #380 -- you're saying we're using the wrong owner/group when writing stuff to rejected/ ?11:19
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jueor better we are not exactly doing the same as with install11:22
jueseems that the mode is ok, but the owner/group is lost11:23
tilmani'll keep staring at this code for a while11:24
jueit's a bit complicated to understand what pkgadd is doing11:24
jueif in my fcron example the /var/spool/fcron has a different owner and has been therefore rejected in /var/lib/pkg.. the same owner as in the package is used11:26
juewell, the bug is only relevant with my rejmerge patch11:28
juewithout that patch directories are ignored by rejmerge11:28
tilmanyeah, i guess we can apply #27911:29
juebut only together with a fix for #380, please11:30
tilmancptn: any idea on bug #379?11:37
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juetilman: oops, just saw that my above sentence is quite confusing13:41
juehope you got it even though :)13:42
tilmanwhat sentence?13:42
jueabout the fcron example13:42
tilmanwell, i think i understood the bug report13:43
jueat 18:26 our time13:43
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nipuLi don't know if i should be excited or scared17:59
nipuLsent of a job application last night, get an email first thign this morning basically saying "when can you start"17:59
aoni applied for a job half-seriously too, haven't heard anything yet18:18
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nipuLthis is only a half serious application too18:33
nipuLeither i get this job or go back and study full time for a year and knock my dgree out18:33
nipuLbut if i do get this job, it's a 100% pay rise18:34
nipuLonly problem it's as a java drone18:42
nipuLon the plus side, linux devlopment environment18:43
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treachnipuL: what happened to the search function in the portsdb?19:15
nipuLwhich one?19:15
treachdoh, found it19:15
treachsorry. :>19:15
treachI was expecting it in the vincinity of the list19:16
nipuLit's moved19:16
nipuLjust so you know, i didn't move it19:18
treachok. I guess I won't praise you for it then. :>19:18
nipuLbut my portdb accepts ?f=xml19:18
nipuLoh crap, i just realised i'm going to be asked technical questions about java if i get an interview19:20
treachmmh. I wish you could get the "P F M" for rsync repos though. :/19:20
nipuLi haven't written a line of java in about 2 years19:20
nipuLit used to19:20
nipuLto PFM rsync it would require them to be cached19:20
treachaye, figured it would be in the "I'd like a pony too" category. :>19:21
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