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teKtilman: yes I did. I will try to contact mike_k00:28
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cptntilman: #379 sounds good to me (the patch I mean)01:26
sepencptn, I was writing an answer for 'Erwin' when I receive your mail ;-)01:37
sepenjust I added the handbook link for the network conf01:37
cptnah, good idea01:37
sepennowadays seems that ubuntu users are migrating to crux01:39
sepensee giovanni conversation yesterday01:40
teKyesterday I read that Ubuntu runs cups as root. wtf?01:41
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mike_kteK: yep. I was interested in lvm and dmcrypt on the iso.04:02
mike_kI could test it if you have any patches/prebuilt iso04:03
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mike_ksorry, I have to ran now.04:03
teKyes I do. but the iso has lvm NOT integrated. I'd be willing to take the effor and implement this, too if there's interest.04:03
teKmike_k: your mail addy?04:03
mike_kmike at openbunker dot org04:04
mike_kmaybe a test against 2.5 pre-release would be better04:05
sepenyou mean a new test4? or rc1?04:05
teKI took the ISO from 2.4, updated some ports. But I described all this here:04:07
sepengrrr, you are talking about lvm, ok04:07
teKthere you find the link to the ISO, too04:07
teKplease note: this IS WIP and due to the fact that 2.5 development went on it's somewhat asynchronous regarding bootscripts packages etc. compared to 2.5-rc*04:10
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tilmancptn: err, i meant 380 :D05:49
cptnI see the problem now :-)06:29
tilmancptn: it seems that the file ends up with a different owner when it's rejected06:29
tilmanbut i don't see how that can happen, from inspecting the code06:30
cptncan't see it immediately either06:33
juewell, not the file but the directory06:45
juein #380 the dir /var/spool/fcron is owned by root/root but should be daemon/daemon06:48
juetogther with the patch in #379 this leads to the problem that /var/spool/fcron is offered for update by rejmerge06:49
juewe never stumpled about that because rejmerge ignores directories06:50
rehabdollis there a simple way to list the modules that goes into initramfs.lst ?06:54
jueI've done it with a simple script which scans the kernel dir06:57
jueit's too simple ATM for addition to our scripts, though06:58
rehabdollah. whats needed in initramfs.lst? all the dirs and files only, right?06:59
rehabdoll+ the other cruft, busybox etc06:59
rehabdolloh well, lunch's over07:00
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jaegerjue: I bootstrapped a 2.5 iso last night, finished successfully08:40
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sepenjaeger, net-iso too?09:40
jaegerthe net iso did get created but I don't think anyone has updated the net-setup script in a long time09:53
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juejaeger: great, I'm very glad to see you back here10:34
jaegerjue: :)10:44
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rehabdolljue, could i take a look at your initramfs-script?11:53
juesure, but it's not a complete initramfs script, it just collects the kernel modules11:57
rehabdollcheers, im lazy and suck at scripting :D12:00
rehabdollmake: *** No rule to make target `unsquashfs', needed by `iso'.  Stop.12:09
jueadd a unsquashfs binary into your build dir12:11
juelinked with the -static option12:11
jueyeah, we have to add a proper make rule sometimes12:13
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treachrehabdoll: well done, I'll give it a try later.12:37
treachprovided that that iso doesn't turn out to start world wars or something could we have that contributed like jue's i586 build when appropriate?12:44
juea final 2.5 of course, IMO13:00
treachof course13:00
treach"when appropriate", sorry, I should probably have stated that a bit clearer.13:01
tilmanports maintenance for x86_64 is still ... unclear13:01
tilmancrux without ports = 013:01
tilmanmaybe you were thinking about "contributed, but you're on your own, haha."13:02
jueyep, good call, that's a problem13:02
treachtilman: yeah, I was thinking like that.13:03
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