IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2008-11-24

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teKwon't have access to the internet until tomorrow;05:17
teKwell Deutsche Telekom did a small fuckup..05:24
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juetilman: around?11:37
jue.oO any news wrt xorg/hal resp. ticket #380?11:39
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tilmanjue: yes, i planned to talk about that romorrow11:43
tilmani now run a hotpluggy xserver11:43
tilmanworks like a charm ;)11:43
juecool, looks like you are impressed :-)11:44
jueok, lets talk tomorrow about that, I'd suggest that we find a final release schedule as well11:46
juehaving two versions in parallel is rather boring, at least for me11:47
juebtw, have you seen that a new release of glibc is out?11:49
jueIMO nothing important, I tend to ignore it for 2.511:50
tilmanthe changelog looks *really* boring to me11:51
tilmanhad a quick look yesterday11:51
tilmani think rehabdoll wanted to try it out11:51
juewell, if we touch that a bigger delay is unavoidable11:52
jueor one could say that we have to start at Zero ;-)11:54
tilmanactually, the bit about O_EXL being set atomcaially sounds nice ;)11:56
jaegerwas a decision reached about /etc/mtab?12:53
tilmanjue: didn't we fix that?12:54
juejaeger: you got a warning?13:08
jaegerno, I was just curious. if you've already fixed it, great13:15
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