IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2008-11-26

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sepenjaeger, ping03:13
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sepenmorning jue03:43
pitill0hello, will someone send a mail to ML with the notes from yesterday meeting? (I think both points in the reminder were talked and discussed, and if I am not in wrong, closed, not sure if glibc was closed too, but I think yes) And about the wiki, if the notes are sent, I think I can add a little section with yesterday's notes, and may be add another point about FS #380 to keep track about it too.04:49
sepenmaybe someone from the core team05:13
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juegood idea, done05:52
pitill0thank you very much jue :)05:54
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jaegersepen: pong08:10
sepenjust I was wondering about libxklavier, I tried to update the xfce/libxklavier to the last version but now it depends on iso-code08:12
sepenis not your fault, so in gnome you're maintaining both ports, but not the same for xfce :|08:13
sepenI think I could keep both ports on opt if you're agree, but I'm glad to know your opinion08:13
sepenI also know that you've a lot of work with the next iso release, sorry if is not the better time to ask08:15
jaegerIs there any difference in the footprint when you build it for xfce? If not I don't see any reason you can't put both in opt08:23
sepenno for libxklavier08:25
sepenhmhm *err usr/lib/libxklavier.a08:27
jaegershouldn't be a problem, I think08:28
sepenyep, well so I'll update it to 3.8 after pushing iso-codes too08:28
jaegerok :)08:28
sepenif its ok for you you can also remove this ports from gnome, that would save you some time08:29
sepens/you you/you08:29
jaegeryeah, will do08:30
sepensorry my englisjj08:30
jaegerno worries08:30
sepenI talked with nipuL about gl-select. I'll adopt too08:32
sepenjaeger, seems pyxml is optional for iso-codes09:08
sepensource tarball can be update for a near future when I have some more time09:11
sepenpffff s/for/in/09:11
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