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nipuLglib upgarde attempt #1BILLION03:58
nipuLcan't build glibc-compat32#2.8-103:59
nipuLlast resort, buggy hardware?04:00
nipuLlooking good, i think i might have had a faulty cpu that would bug out on 32bit code05:55
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jaegertesting the 2.5 iso now12:37
jaegerstill see the ide-generic.ko "cannot allocate memory" error12:37
jaegerI don't think there's any particular need to keep it on the ISO but I could be wrong. anyone actually using it?12:44
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tilmanjaeger: oof, i have no idea :)14:07
jaegersome googling turns up hits where they solved the "problem" by changing hda to sda or the like but I don't see how that applies here as we're just loading a module14:09
jaegerwith that said it doesn't cause me any problems14:09
jaegerI wonder what that module even does14:09
jaegerah, looks like a completely generic IDE driver14:11
jaegerthe kernel help even warns that if this driver is loaded before device-specific drivers it can take over the ports and prevent them from using the hardware properly14:11
jaegerI'd vote we remove it entirely but I wonder if there are any users who actually use it. I very much doubt it14:12
tilmanwe could disable it for the RC14:12
tilmanif anyone speaks up (doubtful) we could still enable it afterwards14:12
jaegerbuilding another iso with that removed14:13
tilmanwhere are you putting your isos?14:14
jaegeroh yeah, I was meaning to ask if we want to leave the date in the ISO label or just make it CRUX-2.514:20
jaegeror something else14:20
jaegerCRUX-$(CRUXVERSION)-$(DATE_STR) is what it currently is14:21
jaegerI added the DATE_STR originally because it was useful for my updated ISOs14:21
tilmanadding DATE_STR feels a bit funny for the first release (of a possible series)14:22
jaegerthat's what I'm thinking14:22
jaegerI'll take it out of the release one14:22
tilmanfollowing isos should probably be named 2.5.1, 2.5.2 etc(?)14:22
tilmanor something like that14:23
tilmanor some other bit added that marks the iso as an update over the last release ;)14:23
jaegerare we gonna do official updates like that?14:23
jaegerI never named mine that way since they were unofficial14:23
tilmani think updated isos are the shit :D14:24
tilmanso yes, it would be a good thing to have14:24
jaegerfair enough14:24
jaegeruploading an ISO now14:28
tilmanthat was fast :D14:29
jaegerwell, the package bootstrap is the only long part14:30
jaegerrebuilding the ISO itself is cake14:30
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tilmani'll reinstall the laptop with that tomorrow14:31
jaegerI'm testing it in virtualbox, then I'll put it on a laptop :)14:32
jaegerwhat is font-alias, by the way?14:32
jaegerok, uploaded and md5 checks out14:42
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jaegerinstalled fine, kernel build was fine, building some ports now15:10
jaegerseems good so far15:10
jaegerah, lame, dhcpcd and automake got updated15:10
jaegerI suppose I could copy them from this 2.5 install into a new ISO instead of bootstrapping the whole thing again15:12
nipuLrehabdoll: you have a x64 install iso don't you?15:16
jaegerthis is odd; I start up x, openbox, and an xterm... I see that openbox is decorating the xterm but I can't click or type anywhere15:32
nipuLjust in xterm?15:32
jaegerno input anywhere.. but the mouse cursor will move and I can start x apps from an ssh session and display them on that display15:33
jaeger(without any control)15:33
nipuLthat is odd15:33
nipuLhave you tried turing it off and on again?15:33
* nipuL ducks15:34
jaegertilman: are you downloading the ISO right now? I'm going to overwrite it if not15:51
rehabdollnipuL: yeah, :>15:55
rehabdollthe -1 one is with glibc 2.915:56
jaegereh, gonna go ahead and overwrite it. can put it up for rsync if needed or something like that15:57
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nipuLrehabdoll: going to see how manay packages i need to bundle to convert yours into a multilib16:07
nipuLrather than have 2 seperate isos16:08
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rehabdollis there a need for multilib these days? the only thing lacking i guess is wine and ... uhm.. the java browser plugin? :)17:24
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cptntilman: I'd say #380 has to wait17:38
cptntilman: I don't think it makes sense to delay 2.5 because of that17:38
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nipuLwine is a bit of a clincher18:04
nipuLplus any binaries18:05
nipuLlike games18:05
nipuLnothing syas friday afternoon like killing time by sorting assorted screws23:05
nipuLit's why i get paid the big dollars... XD23:10

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