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nipuLfinally, hal dev have put out an rc for 0.5.1204:14
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tilmancptn: okay07:12
tilmanjaeger: i downloaded it ~75 minutes ago07:13
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juejaeger: any news for us ?10:39
tilmanhi jue11:23
tilmanjue: i know jaeger built a new yesterday or today11:23
tilmana new iso*11:23
juecool, available somewhere?11:28
tilmanboldly called crux-2.5.iso :D11:29
juedid you test it?11:31
tilmani wasn't sure whether one of you two were building another iso this weekend11:31
tilmanor is jaeger's current iso to be called the RC if it has been given some successful testing?11:32
jueyep, I thought so11:33
tilmani'll reinstall my laptop with that iso now11:41
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juegreat, do you mind announcing it at crux-ml as 2.5-rc if everything works well?11:56
tilmanwill do11:58
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tilmanwhy the hell does the kernel try to read a bad cd-rw for twenty goddamn minutes?12:01
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treachlinux was written by people low on cash, they wanted it to make *really* sure it was bad? :p (Not even sure if it's a kernel issue, might be firmware or something as well.)12:10
tilmanmmh, i guess12:10
* tilman rebooted the machine :o(12:25
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tilman"for more information on blabla, checkout this HOWTO."12:45
tilmani guess that's a link in the html version of the handbook12:45
tilmannot terribly useful in the ascii export ;D12:45
* tilman improves the wording12:46
treach"check out your closest google mirror" :p12:47
tilman"check out the <a>Linux Partition HOWTO</a>"12:47
tilmanshould do12:47
tilmancurrently it sais "please checkout the..."12:48
tilmanthere should be a space in "check out", right?12:48
treachyeah, unless it's in cvs or something. :p12:48
tilmanmaybe a different term should be used12:48
tilman"check out" doesn't seem to fit that well(?)12:49
treachit's a bit loose12:49
treachI guess it works, but "refer to" or something similar would be a bit more formal.12:49
tilmanyeah, that's good12:53
tilmanjaeger: says that the bootkernel ("boot kernel"?) includes the generic pci ide chipset driver -- you removed that one, right?12:55
tilmancptn, jaeger: Handbook-2-5-Install also still contains that paragraph "if you upgrade your system from crux 2.1 to crux 2.3 you have to ..." -- is there any point in still mentioniong that blurb in 2.5?12:56
cptnno, I think that should go12:58
tilmancptn, jaeger: should we suggest to use 'relatime' for the mount options in the default fstab? :)12:58
cptnsounds good13:00
jaegertilman: yeah, I think that does correspond to ide-generic13:34
jaegerI don't think anyone will need it13:34
jaegeralso, I built another ISO last night since dhcpcd and automake were updated13:34
jaegertilman: boldly called crux-2.5.iso simply because I didn't bother to change it :)13:35
tilmani updated devtodo and the gtk-related libs in opt today13:35
tilmanbut i think we can update those in between RCs13:36
tilmanerr, i used your new build anyway13:37
tilmani have automake 1.10.2 at least13:37
tilmani'll remove the crux-2.1-to-crux-2.3 notice from the handbook13:38
jaegerdo you want me to rename the iso to rcsomething? :)13:45
tilmanjue asked me to announce the iso as a release candidate if my testing turned out to be successful13:46
tilmanbut i think we'd pull it over to before we announce it13:47
tilmanj^2: what's up with
tilmanwhat's that? ._o13:49
jaegertilman: ide-pci-generic is still in, just not ide-generic13:50
* treach thinks Han is to be found at ground zero. 13:50
jaegersorry, just realized there's a difference between them13:50
tilmannp, i didn't touch that table yet :D13:51
jaegerI should probably push that change as well as the updated kernel13:51
tilmanplease do13:52
tilmani'll then tag that commit as 2.5-rc113:52
jaegerok, pushed13:58
tilmanmmh, i guess we still need to update ChangeLog, right?13:58
jaegerstarting another bootstrap with the latest package updates, too13:58
tilmanshould we call the current iso rc1, or should i wait for that bootstrap?13:59
treachAn rc that essentially never got out?14:00
jaegerI think the current one is safe as rc1 (and I'll rename it to match)... the new one will only have updated packages14:00
tilmandamn, i think i got an older iso after all ;)14:05
tilmanjaeger: doesn't match the iso14:06
tilmanexpected: 2d0a77ac964cf1b393b5db330d0bebb0, but it's 7dbcae51e9cc02b531624d7639c4294e14:06
jaegerhrmm... odd, I just reuploaded that14:08
jaegerdestiny.~/public_html/linux/crux/tmp(jaeger)$ md5sum -c crux-2.5-rc1.md514:08
jaegercrux-2.5-rc1.iso: OK14:08
tilmanerr, i'm an idiot14:09
tilmandidn't pay attention and didn't actually use -c14:09
tilmansorry :o14:09
tilmandang, tab completion is somewhat broken in zsh in my new installation14:20
tilmancan't complete file names when calling pkgadd /path/to/...14:21
teKecho $ZSH_VERSION14:25
teKd'uh, same for me here.14:25
tilmani'm using zsh 4.3.6 on my desktop, it does work there14:28
tilmansame config ofc ;)14:28
teKgive me a second14:30
teKwell..  rm /usr/share/zsh/$ZSH_VERSION/functions/Completion/Unix/_pkgadd will help obviously14:38
teKI planned to create completion functions for prt-get(1) just too long ...14:38
tilmanhooray for mimicking $OTHER_OS' package utilities ;)14:39
teKthere's I pkgrm, too iirc14:39
tilmanand pkginfo :)14:39
tilmani'll file a bug14:40
teKthere's supdirs for various distros, I think ZSH's maintainers would accept specific completion functions for CRUX14:40
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nipuLtilman: i fixed dosbox for you :) #38217:44
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