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tilmanhi jue03:33
tilmanjue: i tested an old iso yesterday; jaeger built an rc last night that i will test today, and then i'll announce it03:34
juehi tilman03:34
jueand thanks of course :)03:37
tilmannipuL: thanks, testing now03:38
tilmanjue: i was wondering whether we should use the realtime mount option by default in the fstab template that we ship03:39
tilmanerr, relatime :)03:39
tilmannipuL: i think we should #include <cstdlib> instead of stdlib.h03:40
juehmm, never used that, but seems that it can speed up access a little bit03:41
tilmanwriting to disc everytime you read from disc is kind of insane :D03:41
jueyes, that's right, I've been using noatime for my part where's the ports trees are living03:43
tilmani've been using noatime for 2 years now, everywhere03:44
tilmanrelatime is a bit more conservative, and i believe the other major distros are using it by default too, these days03:44
juewell, seems like a good idea, go ahead03:45
juewrt the email-announcement, it seems that we have to bump the other maintainers to jump on the 2.5 train03:50
jueat least there is not much activity in the contrib-2.5 to fix the ports03:50
juee.g. grep -l python2.5 */.footprint | wc -l03:51
tilmanwe need to make sure that #381 is fixed before the release03:52
Rotwangim only one who pushed to contrib 2.5 atm iirc03:52
tilmani'll add it to the blocker list :D03:52
jueok :-)03:54
tilmancrap, don't fetch that03:55
tilmani think i'll install the RC on my desktop03:56
tilmanie go back to i686 crux03:56
tilmannipuL: what's up with #364 and #365?03:58
tilmanjue: so, can't we slim down the iso a bit? ;)04:02
juewhat do you have in mind?04:05
tilmani'd like to see a 200 mb iso again ;D04:05
juewould be nice, indeed04:06
tilmanjue, cptn: why didn't we apply the proposed fix in #361?04:09
juehmm, not sure04:22
tilmanudev is a horrible mess04:22
tilmanshould poke thrice to help me with it again :D04:23
jueSD cards are removable media IMO, so the second rule above in 60-pers.. should work04:24
jueand skip the rest04:24
juebut yeah, udev is a mess04:25
juerunning for lunch now, bbl04:26
tilmanreinstall the desktop now, bbl as well :D04:26
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tilmanjue: opt/fakeroot's url is a 40405:11
tilmanjue: isn't gtk-engines 2.17 the development/unstable series? shouldn't the port track 2.16?05:44
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nipuLtilman: i've updated the source location (re: #365)   but couldn't get the newer version to compile (something to do with x264)06:13
nipuLhaven't really looked into  #365 much. just been fighting with my toolchain woes lately, which is fixed now.06:14
nipuLi'll have them sorted out this week06:15
tilmani was just wondering because they have been open for quite some time06:15
nipuLjust have a big freelance job on now which is giving me the shits06:16
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tilmanjue: _where_ do we announce crux RCs? mailing list (which one?), or web site?07:20
tilmani can't remember, and google isn't helping :D07:20
tilmanneither are my mailboxes07:20
Rotwangtilman: rcs were announces on main page, no?07:21
tilmanapparently not07:21
Rotwangtrue they were not07:21
juetilman: I'd suggest crux@lists.crux.nu07:37
tilmanright, just found my 2.4-rc1 announcement07:46
tilmanjue: we need to update the ChangeLog, right?07:46
jueyes, I'll do that the next days07:47
jueI have some scripts etc. to do that half-automatic07:50
tilmanyes, i remember07:51
juehmm, missed the fakeroot update because the debian page I'm tracking is still at 1.10.107:53
jueanyway, updated now07:57
juetilman: yep, after looking at their svn I saw it too, 2.17 seems to be a dev version08:03
tilmangtk/gnome stuff generally use the even/odd version scheme08:04
jueok, so I'll revert to 2.16.108:07
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thrice`ok, RC1 went smoothly here :)12:59
jaegergood :)13:00
thrice`thanks for the build jaeger :)13:00
jaegerno problem13:01
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thrice`have a somewhat working udev :)16:29
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thrice`tilman:   try this, perhaps?19:07
thrice`tilman: instead of using our cdrom-rules, there is a "61-cdrom.rules" that ships in the LFS tarball, which appears like it will provide a CDROM group19:08
thrice`so, if you want to try that, you can copy it over (or use the old pushd/popd method)19:10
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