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rehabdollhe did announce he was leaving a while back00:42
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nipuLmplayer tickets are now closed08:12
nipuLalso #379 adn #380 are duplicates08:16
nipuLsee #63 and #12208:16
sepenyep, at least 379 and 63 seems the same proboem08:17
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juenipuL: #379 is a dup of #122 as I wrote in a comment09:42
juebut #380 and #63 covers different things09:43
tilmanso, did everyone try rc1?10:18
tilmandid anyone see/hear from viper lately?10:24
tilmani wonder whether i should fix opt/gnupg myself10:24
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juetilman: no time to to test rc1 yet, will do it tomorrow possibly10:42
juewrt gnupg I'd say go ahead10:43
tilmanokay, will do as soon as is up again10:44
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juesepen: I was wrong lately, the sqlite3.pc bug is fixed :)13:20
juedunno why I missed that13:20
sepennp ;)13:21
sepenjue, I'm still testing gl-select to do the upgrade from the older one13:28
sepenjust as you reported13:28
sepenwhat do you think about an option like $ gl-select upgrade nvidia ?13:29
sepento upgrade from the old style symlinks/gl_backups to the new one13:30
sepenor I try to implement a transparent function for it13:31
juewasn't the main diff between old/new additional symlinks?13:33
sepenits dependent on ati or nvidia13:36
sepenI'll try to make a review for that13:37
jueanyway, if gl-select asks the user to run itself with the upgrade option if needed, why not13:38
juetilman: committed the ChangeLog today,
sepensometimes ati, or nvidia ports introduces new files which can overwrite the mesa3d and xorg-server ones, so they are backup'ed13:39
tilmanjue: great, thank you13:40
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nipuLi can test rc1 today14:46
nipuLtaking a day off from work to do some freelancing at home14:47
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nipuLis there an iso anywhere?15:03
nipuLnvm, found one15:03
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