IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2008-12-03

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thrice`tilman: if you were interrested in udev, I have a 135 working OK here, and my cd/dvd gets owned by root:cdrom08:16
thrice`I took away the cdsymlinks, as I'm not sure they are needed anymore.  I don't have multiple optical drives to test though08:16
thrice`so, if anyone wants to check it out and see if the cdrom ownership works, feel free :)08:17
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jaegerso how close are we to a 2.5 release now?12:12
mike_kI guess rc1 requires some testing now...12:26
tilmanthrice poked at udev some12:26
tilmanthere will be a new xserver in december or january12:26
tilmanwhich would mean i can clean out xorg.git some more12:26
tilmanhumhum :)12:26
jaegerI wouldn't think we'd want to wait that long for a release12:27
tilmanno, probably not ;D12:27
tilmani don't think there's any major blockers left12:28
sepenhmm maybe to release like a christmas present12:28
tilmanlike every year? ;)12:28
tilmanjaeger: i think we are going to release before christmas :]12:29
sepenwell, its ready for me, I'm using rc1 on my box and I don't plained to change it or reinstall de official one12:29
tilmannot sure that's really english though12:31
tilmanaha, british english according to $dict12:31
sepenand sepen sed filters12:31
sepenjaeger, no more issues reported, right? then +112:32
sepenyou can prt-get depinstall openbox without having a font package installed right? so I tried to install one13:32
tilmansepen: use ttf fonts instead ;D13:33
sepenand what about fontutil? I've installed xorg-libxfont13:34
tilmani cannot check right now, i'm busy :p13:34
sepenah ok, sorry then13:34
tilmani bookmarked your paste, will look at the deps tomorrow13:34
sepentilman, thanks -bh-ttf works, and also I added manually a dir for /usr/lib/X11/fonts in my fonts.conf, if not I can't run X after a fresh install13:39
tilmanwhy not?13:39
sepenalso nothing to merge after -bh-ttf installation13:39
sepenhmm, wait I'm wrong13:40
sepenjust another kind of error, sorry13:40
sepennow works fine, thanks13:40
sepenjust you can depinstall a wmanager like openbox without having xorg input drivers, fonts, etc. yeah its all ok about builddeps but you can't run openbox without this stuff ;-)13:45
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