IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2008-12-04

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sepentilman, I started cruxbot at 13:3309:13
sepenalso I've a nohup.out file for the last time I had to restart it http://1d3bd38572fa9155.paste.se09:14
sepenbut nothing seems strange09:14
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tilmansepen: thanks10:31
sepenoh np, just wondering how to avoid this issue10:35
tilmanrestarting it every two days doesn't bother me enough yet :D10:36
sepentilman, I suggested you many times to use 'monit' for it10:36
sepenits not too dificult to write a config seccion for an irc boot10:36
sepenwe are using it on production server boxes10:37
tilmancould also write a script that just restarts the script once it dies :P10:37
sepenmonit its just that10:37
sepentilman, and what about to use the irc protocol and the PING foo / PONG foo for getting if it is still alive ?10:38
sepenif the bot doesn't receive a ping request from the server in a couple of minutes then restart10:39
tilmanof course the bot replies to PING10:39
sepenyep, it replies but it doesn't detect if no ping is requested10:39
sepenso would be nice for test10:40
tilmani'd just use monit ;D10:40
sepenhmm I should update contrib/monit to beta410:42
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tilmannipuL: so, how's your multilib crux?10:57
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tilmanhi jue11:30
tilmanthanks for fixing ruby-doc :)11:30
juenp, thanks for the reminder :)11:30
juedone a fresh install and an update with rc1 yesterday11:31
jueno problems, we seems to be in a good condition at all ;-)11:32
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jaegerrc1 is working great for me11:35
jaegermy X problem was virtualbox-specific, works fine on a real install11:36
juewell, a simple and save way to get a release out would be to just do a s/-rc1//11:40
tilmanthrice played with core/udev some in the last few days11:40
tilmanbut i'm not sure whether that's stuff that should go in 2.5 or not11:41
jueok, so I'd suggest that we decide next tuesday how to continue11:44
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jaegera few packages have been updated since rc1 as well, would be nice to have a new bootstrap12:17
jueif we don't mind the additional work to test again that's indeed better12:38
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nipuLtilman: fine, thanks for asking :)15:24
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