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pitill0good morning, yesterday I finally played a bit more with rc1 and Xorg without config, tryinig to see how it manages the server in that sense01:14
pitill0I am not sure if I did something wrong, but I got mouse/kbd working fine (not layout, I don't know atm how to manage it, reaing about) but I got problems when typing, the Xserver frezzes01:15
pitill0I tried with a xorg.conf file and got it working fine (may be without it I am managing packages bad and that's the reason why it frezes)01:16
pitill0I hope this can be usefull, I will try to play this weekend a bit more with it01:16
teKwhat's the 'right' way to get my changes from 2.4 branch to 2.5 (contrib)01:20
pitill0teK: I don't know, but I will take note if someone answers because I am not sure about that too01:27
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teKwell I could save my ports, switch branches  and commit them in one big commit..01:40
pitill0I don't know how to do that and which can be the best way to act. I will talk with sepen to see if he can give me a hand soon01:47
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teK see merging branches02:55
pitill0teK: good reference, I haven't noticed that. Thank you.03:30
teKno problem03:43
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tilmannipuL: pure 64 thing sucks07:46
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jueaon: the lsof-port is currently broken, 4.81 is latest10:34
jaegerHrmm, I just had an interesting idea... I wonder if iSCSI can be used to emulate a setup like apple's target disk mode11:01
jaegerlet's say I want to install crux on a box that has no CDROM or I just don't have a blank CD handy... it would be cool if I could install to that machine without having to either do a network install or remove its HD11:02
jaegerI don't know if it's doable, just an interesting idea.11:04
jaegerATA over ethernet would be another idea11:05
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tilmanjue, cptn: should we start asking maintainers to fix their python ports? :)13:23
tilman(in 2.5)13:23
cptnand generally port their ports for 2.5 I think13:24
cptni.e. close down the 2.4 branch13:24
juegood idea, at least if the final release is foreseeable13:38
tilmani'm looking at thrice's updated udev port right now13:39
tilmancptn: so, the updated udev will make optical drives owned by root:cdrom. that would fix bug #270, right?14:26
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tilmanany objections against me pushing that udev update?14:40
tilmanmost importantly it's an update to current LFS rules14:40
tilmanwhich make optical drives being owned by the cdrom group14:40
jueit's ok for me14:43
jaegerfine by me, as long as it works14:43
jaegerand I don't see any reason you would if it didn't :)14:43
tilmanat least it should boot :D14:48
jaegerbuilding pkgutils on ubuntu intrepid is proving more difficult than I expected14:49
tilmanhow come?14:49
jaegerI haven't looked into it deeply yet, had other stuff to work on... but there's the output14:52
tilmanjaeger: seems like you need to reinstall libarchive14:54
tilmanthere's a configure flag re. acl/xattrs or somesuch14:54
tilmanjaeger: though i admit i don't really get _why_ you get those errors :D14:54
jaegernot sure how reinstalling would help15:00
jaegerunless I build a custom .deb15:00
jaegerer, what?15:04
jaeger  --disable-acl           Enable ACL support (default: check)15:04
tilmanhooray autoconf15:04
jaegerhrmm... a new package with --disable-acl didn't change the result :(15:07
juetilman: got a md5sum error with udev-config-20081015.tar.bz215:08
tilmanah goddamnit15:08
jaegerhow odd; completely removing and reinstalling both libarchive1 and libarchive-dev solved it but not just reinstalling15:09
tilmanjue: apparently i used a bad udev-config-20081015.tar.bz2. will re-try with the new one15:12
jaegerok, this is cool :) I'm installing crux 2.5-rc1 to my shuttle box via ATAoE from my ubuntu box15:16
jaegerthat's why I was trying to build pkgutils on the ubuntu box15:16
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nipuLtilman: haha, what sucks aboutit?20:35
nipuLi know why it would suck for me20:36
nipuLnot having wine or being able to play enemy territory would be awful20:36
nipuLhere's my new method for preparing to work21:00
nipuLbinge on enegy drinks until i can get a decent score on frets on fire playing a dragon force song on amazing21:01
nipuLonce i can do that, i'm switched on and alert ;)21:01

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