IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2008-12-06

teKsounds healthy :>02:01
tilmannipuL: i missed kvm/qemu02:44
nipuLyou need multilib to run qemu?02:46
tilmani probably just failed at realizing that contrib/gcc34 would need to be patched for 64 bit things02:46
tilmananyway, i couldn't build gcc34 so i couldn't build kvm/qemu02:46
nipuLi think i have a patched version02:46
nipuLlet me dig it up02:47
nipuLnope, now to see if it builds02:52
nipuLneed to get a new cpu so i can play with kvm and the likes02:52
tilmanit's okay, i asked rehabdoll to poke at it02:54
nipuLI should have waited 6 months before i got a 64bit cpu02:54
tilmanand for now i run plain crux 2.5 anyway02:54
nipuLi'll have lots of free time to play with crux for the next couple of weeks02:55
nipuLuntil i find a new job02:55
tilmanmy christmas vacation starts on the 17th \o/02:55
nipuLhow long do you get off?02:55
tilman2.5 weeks02:56
nipuLmy wife has suggested i just apply for jobs all over the country and find out where we end up02:56
tilmanso you decided not to become a java drone?02:57
nipuLi'd rather not, haven't heard back about that one02:57
nipuLit's been 2.5 weeks since I applied, so the might still be taking applications02:58
nipuLmaybe my brother in law can set me up with a cushy goverment job02:58
nipuLi should be able to get a bit more freelance work after i dump the crm database from work and call everyone on it03:02
nipuLtell them all what a jerk my boss was03:02
nipuLmultilib fail for gcc3403:03
nipuLso who the fuck did i build it in the first place :\03:03
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tilmanseems opt/screen doesn't like -jN , n >2 much07:26
tilmanerr, >107:26
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rehabdollwill 2.5 ship with 2.6.28 and ext4?13:31
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