IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2008-12-08

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sepennipuL, ping07:37
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juejaeger: have you seen ticket #386?10:05
jaegerI've seen it, yes. I can't duplicate it10:11
jaegerat least, no problems building so far10:12
jueseem here, but IIRC you've had some problems building 2.5 in the past?10:18
jaegerI had some problems with my build box but it was a 2.4 install and reiserfs was the cause10:19
jueah, ok10:19
jaeger2.4 install building a 2.5 iso, I mean10:19
jaegerbut yeah, that's been sorted out10:19
jaegerto me the reports on #386 sound like bad hardware but I don't know for sure10:24
tilmanhi guys10:31
juehello tilman10:31
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teKjue_ ;)12:58
teKjue_: you should have a look at your php Ports :)13:18
jue_teK: yeah, I know13:43
jue_if, as promised, 5.2.8 comes the next days I'll wait for that13:46
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nipuLsepen: hmm?15:01
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sepennipuL, just wondering if I can update portdb.db16:22
nipuLwhat needs updating?16:33
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sepennipuL, my two repos, I sent you a mail sometime ago16:41
nipuLgo fo it17:03
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