IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2008-12-09

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sepennipuL, seems out to date02:34
nipuLit probably is03:35
nipuLi usually only sync with crux ports every 1 or 2 weeks03:36
sepennipuL, finally you updated my regs at portdb.db?03:37
nipuLi though you were going to do it03:37
nipuLi can do it tomorrow, pretty busy tonight03:38
sepennipuL, I asked you if I have enough permissions for doing it, just I don't have any idea about03:48
nipuLyou're in opt04:40
nipuLso you do04:40
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nipuLgoing to see if i can't hack out this new portdb idea over the next couple of weeks05:21
nipuLnow that i'm in between jobs05:21
sepennipuL, just tell me in what area I can help you and I try to do it05:23
nipuLyou could score me a cushy it job somewhere along the spanish coast ;)05:33
aonthat'd help with the timezone variation slightly05:46
teKhey, I'm in need of a awesome IT job, too05:49
nipuLit doesn't need to be awesome, just on the coast05:50
nipuLi'm sick of living in the mountains05:51
sepenwell, I'm living in valencia but I don't see the coast since the last year05:51
nipuLhmm should tiny that05:53
sepenspain has a lot of work in the coast, working as a bitch05:53
sepenyep, same that you have in our outdated cruxmap05:57
sepen120km of distance to coast maybe?05:59
nipuLmaybe closer to 20006:04
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sepennipuL, I updated my values in pdbcacher.php10:27
sepennow going to home, later10:30
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cptngood evening12:49
tilmancool, sending out the meeting reminder worked12:50
tilmanhi cptn12:50
cptntilman: oh, I didn't see that yet12:54
cptnbut sending it out worked indeed :-)12:54
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cptn\o/ sip12:54
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tilmanhi sip12:58
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sependbus and xorg server?13:08
tilmani thought we settled on that13:08
tilmaniirc jue really disliked having to put dbus and hal etc in core13:08
tilmanso the status quo will remain :D13:08
sepentilman, in addition, all my new tests with xfce (the new xfcond + dbus) on 2.5 are fine13:09
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tilmandid anyone notice problems caused by the udev update?13:09
sepenwithout having dbus linked13:09
tilmancptn: did you see that? i solved that udev+cdrom bug after all :)13:09
tilmanor rather, thrice did13:09
sepentilman, no13:09
cptntilman: yeah, I saw it, but haven't tried it yet13:09
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tilmani think we're doing good ;)13:10
jaegerno problems with it myself13:10
tilmanthough there was one guy on the ml who had trouble booting the iso iric13:11
tilmanoh, that was mike_k :D13:11
cptnin virtualbox, right?13:11
sipunder vbox?13:11
jaegerit doesn't boot properly in virtualbox when using non-libata drivers, but that's a virtualbox bug13:11
jaegercould not duplicate it in vmware or on real hardware13:11
jaegerit's easily worked around, anyway13:12
sipI wonder if it's related to the ide-generic bug we mentioned last time13:12
jaegerit doesn't seem to be13:12
jaegerboth the ide-generic and the piix modules cause the crash13:12
sepenwe talked yesterday about it, right?13:12
jaegera little bit, yes, but not all were here13:12
sependid you use vbox under crux host?13:13
sepenor win version?13:14
jaegerubuntu host, actually, in my tests13:14
jaegervbox 2.0.413:14
sepenI'll try later with the new gcc34 hack13:14
sepencontrib 2.0.613:14
sepenI sent a mail about that to the ML13:15
cptnso, other than that, are there any showstoppers keeping us from releasing 2.5?13:16
tilmandon't think so13:16
tilmani would like to ask maintainers to port their ports to 2.513:16
tilmanresp start using 2.5 to see what's wrong etc :)13:16
cptnmaybe we could just set a release date13:16
cptnmaybe next week13:16
cptnand ask -devel and -contrib to go 2.5 right now13:16
sepenmaybe 2.5 for contrib,xfce,kde,gnome,etc too?13:16
cptni.e. stop working on the 2.4 branches13:16
tilmanshould we ask jaeger/jue to roll rc2?13:17
tilmani'd rather not 'mv rc1 final' because of the udev changes eg :)13:17
cptnsure, sounds good13:17
cptnalthough for the port updates itself rc1 should be okay13:17
jaegereasy enough, I can start it right now even13:17
cptnjaeger: that would be great13:18
jaegerit's started :)13:18
tilmanawesome, thanks13:18
tilmani need to remember to mention jaeger's name in the final announcement13:18
cptnoh definitely13:18
jaegereh, no need to... I'm only bootstrapping and building, it's not hard :)13:19
cptnmaybe we can also move his name back to the dev list13:19
sepenit will be mentioned on distrowatch too :)13:19
tilmanthe mail to the opt/contrib maintainers can go to crux-devel@, right?13:20
tilmannot sure whether who we mailed last time :]13:20
cptnmaybe -contrib should get it too13:20
cptncan't hurt13:20
sepenhmm an offtopic, there are some ports still dependent on 'x11' , imho it should dissapear definitively for 2.513:22
tilmanthat would be nice indeed13:23
sepenand also one 'unmaintained' port which I'll remove inmediately if nobody is dissagree13:23
jaegersounds good13:26
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cptnhi jue13:28
siphey jue13:28
juesorry, I'm a bit late today13:28
tilmanhi jue13:28
* jue reading the log13:29
jaegerheyo, jue13:29
Rotwangsepen: i think hplip is still in 2.5 branch13:29
cptntilman: thanks for the mail13:31
juetilman: why rc2 and not a final?13:32
sepenRotwang, just I commited the change to 2.4, I don't merge it yet13:33
jueopinions to ticket #386?13:33
jaegerit sounds to me like hardware issues... but I wonder if Jason Decker's machine is a pentium 3/celeron as well13:34
sepenjue, I'm running 2.5 and gcc4.3.2 no problems compiling the kernel here13:35
juedito, if we ignore the ticket, I'd ask jaeger to update to and do build a 2.5 with the latest ports tree ;-)13:36
jaegercan do13:36
jaegerthe bootstrap is already building and I can update the kernel after13:36
juebut well, that's just an idea13:37
jaegereasy enough13:37
jaeger@seen #crux kmandla13:38
clbjaeger: kmandla was last seen in #crux 5 days, 8 hours, 16 minutes, and 26 seconds ago: <KMandla> Ooh! I hadn't thought of that. I always change -march to pentium3. Thanks.13:38
jaegerwhatever the case with #386 I couldn't duplicate it in virtualbox, vmware, or on one of my desktops at home13:40
tilmanbleh, my mail to crux-contrib didn't get through13:43
tilmanhooray being list admin13:46
tilmanjue: dunno, since the build will contain quite a different ports set we should call it rc first, no? :P13:50
jaegertilman: what happened to it?13:51
tilmanthe list admin accepted the mail13:52
juetilman: good question13:53
jueif we don't touch the iso stuff, I'd go for final13:54
tilmanerr, what do you mean?13:55
juewithout another rc13:55
sipmaybe renaming the rc is safer13:56
sepen<tilman> i'd rather not 'mv rc1 final' because of the udev changes eg :)13:58
sepenyou mean rc1 now?13:58
tilmanno, rc213:59
tilmani think13:59
sepenahh ok13:59
juecptn: ?13:59
tilmanwe can also call it crux-2.5.iso, but don't tell anyone about the hidden location13:59
tilmanand have a bunch of people give the iso a quick try13:59
cptnwell, I see the point of rc2 if we don't want to release it yet13:59
cptnI think making all devs test rc2 and their ports on rc2, and releasing it unchanged is perfectly fine14:00
sepenimho a bit test its need it too14:00
tilmancptn: yes, that was my proposal14:00
cptnit's more to buy the port maintainers some time to get their ports ready14:01
cptnonce we have a crux-2.5.iso, people will expect the ports to work14:01
jueok, so let's make a rc2 soon, but do the relases after that also soon14:01
cptnsounds good14:01
cptnmaybe one week to the release?14:01
tilmanfine with me14:02
sipwhat about making announcements and publishing updates next tue during the irc meeting?14:02
tilmanyes :)14:03
juesip: for final?14:03
sipif nothing goes terribly wrong with rc2 ofcourse ;-)14:04
tilmansip: #369? :P14:08
siptilman, aww!14:09
sipbtw, not strictly related to 2.5, but I'm a bit puzzled about tetex->texlive14:10
tilmanbecause nobody has done the porting work yet?14:10
sipdifferently from last time I checked, they now provide  a d/l different from iso form14:11
sipbut it's around 900M and they ask not to d/l from their server if possible14:11
sepenI can't see the problem, I like to download fedora's 4.7GB dvd iso14:13
sipI'm on fedora atm, but went for the livecd14:14
sipstill waiting for jaeger's "Bloody Oracle on CRUX" wiki page :-)14:15
jaegerI don't have to use oracle anymore :D14:24
jaegerI got a new job :P14:24
jaegerI'm sad that we never used that "yay, shark!" tagline :)14:25
cptnit's not too late yet!14:26
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juejaeger: you are using our current ports tree for the bootstrap right now?14:44
sepenvbox (on 2.5 with gcc34 amd gcc43) also fails on IDE modules14:44
jueif so I'll update the ChangeLog tomorrow accordingly14:46
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juenight all, cu14:59
cptngood night jue15:00
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jaegerjue: yes, that's correct15:06
jaegersorry for the delayed response15:06
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nipuLtilman: do you still maintaint he x86_64 branch of xorg15:54
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jaegertilman: can you build libmusicbrainz in 2.5?16:54
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jaegertilman: the patch at fixes it for me17:03
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nipuLx86_64 testing repos are getting out of date, i'll be spening all afternoon cherry picking from the 2.5 branches now23:14

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