IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2008-12-10

nipuLre qt3, i noticed it was dropped. I need it for mythtv, should i just move it to contrib or keep it in opt?00:15
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sepennipuL, ping01:36
nipuLsepen: pong01:47
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sepennipuL, sorry for the delay, I added xfce46 repo to pdbcacher, but I can't update the portdb03:04
nipuLjust wait03:07
sepennipuL, can't execute php -q pdbcacher.php03:08
nipuLno you don't run it03:08
sepenah ok03:08
sepenany crontab job to sync it?03:08
nipuLit runs as a cron job03:08
sepenah ok03:08
sepenI can't read user's crontab ;D03:09
sepenjust I'll wait03:09
sepenthanks for the info03:09
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sepenjue, it can't be added to the current bootstrap?04:43
jueI guess jaeger has done it already?04:44
juebut, yeah, there's no new bootstrap needed, so it isn't a big issue04:45
mike_ksubmitted #38704:48
sepenthanks mike_k05:08
mike_kjue: on flyspray pages div "cruxheader" contains old url for the Public/HomePage (should be Wiki/HomePage)05:54
sepenjue, could you modify them? I've no enough permissions06:02
sepen$ grep Public bugs/templates/crux-header.tpl06:02
sepen  <a href="/Public/HomePage">Public</a> ::06:02
juesepen: done and thanks06:14
sepenyou too06:15
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nipuLtilman: any chance of updating the x86_64 xorg repo?06:56
nipuLor describing your workflow to update it from the normal one before i go cherry picking again06:57
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juejaeger: is rc2 finished already?08:27
jaegerthe bootstrap is finished, yes. I'm building the iso now08:29
jueplease have a look at #38708:29
jueI have no objections to add iputils, but would be good to have a other comments as well08:32
jaegermike_k: I'm not clear on where you want ping... before running setup?08:36
mike_kafter a login prompt and before actual setup-chroot08:36
jaegerok, should only need to add to ISO_PACKAGES, then. just wanted to be clear08:39
jaegerjue: I don't foresee any problems it would cause to add it08:41
jueyeah, the only drawback is that we are going to be a little bit "bigger" again08:43
* jaeger kicks openldap in the nuts08:46
jaegerit's holding back my gnome building :P08:50
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jaegerback now, had to go fix a coworker's spam filter :P09:06
juejaeger: many thanks, downloading now09:19
jaeger np09:20
sepencool I'll try later, thankx too09:41
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juejaeger: .oO is intentionally?10:54
jaegeroops, no. I'll fix that, give me a few11:03
mike_kjaeger: sorry, any other candidates other than IDE stuff to break a vbox? I am struggling to capture some video during bootup11:05
jaegernot that I'm aware of11:07
jaegerit worked fine for me if I disabled the two modules I've mentioned11:07
tilmannipuL: i don't have a x86_64 system atm. please use the ports from xorg.git for now11:09
jaegerjue: I've got to go to a lunch with my boss but I'll get a new ISO updated afterwards11:09
juejaeger: thanks and guten Appetit11:12
juetilman: objections against #387?11:14
tilmanjue: no objections11:21
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jaegerfreenode is the only network it seems to have problems with16:33
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nipuLcan we have <python-version> and <perl-version> magic?17:34
sepenthe 2nd answer cptn gives me sounds reasonable17:36
nipuLok, then add hooks instead17:40
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