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cptnlol @ Jelly Donut01:24
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jaegercptn: openldap 2.4.12 doesn't build for me; you said it built fine for you, right?08:10
cptnjaeger: yeah, but I had to add -DGNU_SOURCE08:12
cptn CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -D_GNU_SOURCE" ./configure --prefix=/usr \08:12
cptni.e.  add 'CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -D_GNU_SOURCE' before ./configure [...]08:13
jaegerah, ok08:14
cptnI guess I should have prepared an updated port08:14
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juenipuL: I'm not very happy with dbus-glib right now, first I don't think that the dbus-bash-completion stuff is optional and, second, we should avoid the use of /usr/libexec08:20
mike_k_sorry, the clb wasn't spying on you yesterday. is there rc-2 ready for testing?08:27
juemike_k_: ATM at, but will be moved to another place later08:31
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mike_k_jue: thanks. I guess it is the version to test ports for 2.5 on?08:33
juemike_k_: btw, happy pinging ;)08:35
mike_k_jue: icmp echo-replies calm me down08:37
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jaegerstrange output from gst-plugins-base on 2.5. some googling indicates it's possibly an automake 1.10 issue but I don't see a solution yet09:46
jaegernipuL: any idea what causes me to get bash-completion stuff in my .footprint for dbus-glib? I don't have bash completion installed09:51
jaegeras a side note the --with-xml option seems to be useless09:54
jaegeradding --disable-bash-completion removes the bash completion stuff but still creates /usr/etc/profile.d and /usr/libexec09:55
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juejaeger: just successfully finished an update with rc209:58
sepencan't be used --libexecdir?10:06
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juefor me the big question is what cares dbus-glib about bash completion?10:09
jaegerI've no idea10:10
sepengood question10:10
sepenit appears as notable fix and/or enhancement here
tilmanwhat's up?10:20
juewell, we are waiting for you10:21
jueto write the rc2 announcement :-)10:21
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tilmannipuL: haha10:32
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mike_k_jaeger: romster sems to solve some gst-* issues on 2.4 yesterday10:47
mike_k_yeah, those ones10:48
jaegeryeah, figured out that I hadn't updated my ports tree, fixed that10:53
tilmanwhere's the rc2 iso? :)10:57
treachrelase message -> One more crippling bombshell hit the already beleaguered *buntu community when Tilman confirmed that CRUX 2.5-rc2 is about to be relased."11:03
thrice`noone's install died with udev? :>11:05
tilmantreach: the what?11:08
tilmanjue: d'oh, that's the one place i didn't think of looking at :D11:08
tilmanwhy is the iso still growing? just curious ;)11:08
thrice`tilman: do you announce stuff to distrowatch, or do they find out by themselves11:10
tilmanthey find out themselves11:11
tilmanwhat were you trying to say with that udev comment?11:11
tilmanwas udev broken in rc1 or something?11:11
thrice`ooh, no.  2.5 shipped the changed udev11:11
tilmanyou mean 2.5-rc2? ;D11:11
thrice`I think so :>11:12
thrice`but, I guess anyone with rc1 would have likely updated11:13
thrice`btw, I've used rc2 successfully to update my laptop from a fresh 2.411:14
jaegertilman: new kernel and iputils at least11:15
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treachtilman: yep, 2.5-rc2. :)11:37
thrice`looks great tilman11:38
tilmantreach: i was referring to that long and strange word that i had to look up ;)11:41
treachaha. that was meant to describe the langushing state of *buntu. :D11:41
thrice`selinux/app armor stuff is enough for me to stick away from mainstream.  that stuff is annoying :<11:44
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treachsupposedly app armor is a lot more friendly than selinux though.11:45
thrice`is that one specific to suse?11:46
treachno, ubuntu uses it too nowadays11:46
mike_k_hmm, what are the minimum memory requirements for an iso to boot/install?12:40
treachI don't really know, but less than 32MB is probably a pretty bad idea.12:43
mike_k_64M - no space left on device =/12:48
mike_k_trying with 92M12:48
treachk, keep us posted. I don't think anyone tried it out. :P12:48
jaegerI haven't tested it with low amounts yet, would be good to know12:53
treachlooks like I can forget putting crux back on that old p166/32MB I had it running on once. ;)12:54
mike_k_treach: unless you'll install it from in some chroot13:04
mike_k_I am about to finish upgrade and give you some numbers13:05
mike_k_wow, nice it has detected my directory and didn't overwtite it =)13:06
mike_k_so, virtualbox, all storage drivers loaded. booted up and updated without errors only on 151MB of ram. Should work on 148 according to 'df -h', but gui does not allow such setting.13:08
mike_k_I'd say 160M is the very safe choice.13:09
mike_k_I'll try to compile the kernel just for fun now.13:09
mike_k_and thats without a swap13:10
treachI don't think that will work. :)13:10
mike_k_kenel compilation could be saved by using swap space in most cases. it would be nice to document the minimum amount of ram required to boot/setup in the handbook.13:14
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treachor you could just say 256MB minimum recommended.13:15
mike_k_that is an overkill13:15
mike_k_we are talking about minimum13:16
mike_k_target audience is expected to be a reasonable people, though13:16
treachI wouldn't go so far as to call it an "overkill", but I doubt there's a lot of people in between.13:16
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mike_k_160=128+32, so it looks reasonable =)13:17
treachbetter to have some breathingroom in what you say is minimum imo, that's why I said "min rec".13:17
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mike_k_and it should be possible to free up the squashfs/cdrom after chrooting to a newly installed system.13:21
thrice`now you're just splitting hairs :>13:23
treachmore like grasping for straws. ;)13:23
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mike_k_jaeger: FYI: something from this was causing a similar to IDE problems on virtualbox
mike_k_jaeger: and kernel compilations goes on... I guess 160MB is a minimum for this type of iso13:36
mike_k_treach: compiled13:44
treachI'm impressed, I was convinced you'd need some swap for that13:46
mike_k_jaeger: correction: and it was definitely not the CONFIG_MPENTIUM4=y fault13:47
jaegereven those options may work fine if you don't use the piix or ide-generic modules, not sure13:58
nipuLjaeger: i was under the impression the dbus-glib footprint mismatch was created becase it auto detected bash autocompletion14:58
nipuLbut someone without it installed still gets it14:58
nipuLI just wasn't sure if it was considered junk14:59
nipuLefore i either removed the filed or updated the footprint14:59
jaegerI definitely don't have bash-completion installed but it creates them anyway15:00
jaegerI removed them from my local copy but thought it was worth mentioning15:00
nipuLso junk them?15:09
jaegerthat's what I did but I can't speak for everyone, certainly15:27
jaegerperhaps if anyone wants them they can make a dbus-glib-bashcompletion port that only contains those15:27
mike_k_jaeger: no piix or ide-generic at all.15:58
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nipuLwtf, sepen is offline17:55
nipuLthat guy never sleeps17:55
nipuLmust be something serious17:55

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