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sepenhi jue03:09
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juenipuL: thanks for fixing dbus-glib03:24
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sepenpeople should stop to work on 2.403:35
mike_ksepen: even security updates?03:36
jueas long as 2.5 isn't released I think we should provide at least security fixes03:38
sepenmike_k, no of course03:40
sepenI mean danny's merges somedays ago, not sip's merges03:41
mike_kjue: what about documenting the minimum system (memory) requirements for installing crux in handbook?03:42
sepenbut in both cases merge all changes from 2.4 to 2.5 its not as I would like03:42
sepenmike_k, I've installed it with 16MB of ram03:42
mike_ksepen: the new iso?03:43
sepennot the new one, but 2.4 iirc03:43
sepenstoping it before the switch_root call for mounting squashfs bla bla...03:43
sepenwell my own fake iso03:44
mike_ksepen: there is no memory requirements listed in the handbook for the usual installation type03:45
sepenyep, but you should specify requeriments for installing the official iso 2.4, 2.5, etc.03:45
sepenwell could be great to have it as a foot note03:46
juemike_k: sure, if we have a good number03:46
juesepen: I don't think that there is a big difference between 2.4 and 2.503:46
mike_kjue: miminum is around 148MB. 160 is a safe choice that can be listed, I guess.03:47
sepengenerally I'm according with the mike idea03:47
sepenjue, requeriments section?03:47
jueproposal ->
sepenimho also would be nice to have something like /bin/loadkeys -q $KEYMAP as the first command after login as root03:58
sepenit could be useful for most users03:58
sepen128 + 32, it sounds reasonable for me03:59
mike_kyes, I've tested it yesterday on virtualbox. though, I'd like someone to confirm this.04:00
sepenjue, s/is required to install CRUX/is required for running the CRUX installer/ ??04:00
sepenmike_k, I've a second desktop box at home, with only 128ram and also I could add some extra modules and doing some more tests when arrived to home04:01
juesepen: I'd understand as an "installer" something like our setup but not the process of booting the iso04:03
mike_ksomething like "A minimum of 160MB system memory is required to install CRUX from CD-ROM. It is possible to perform custom installation form some kind of chroot with as little as 16MB of RAM."04:04
sepen160MB for booting the iso? XD04:04
mike_kISO is confusing.  "3.2.  Installing From CD-ROM" it should be in sync.04:05
sepenindeed xubuntu requires 128mb, less than crux04:05
sepenthat do not sounds good for an optimized linux distro imho04:06
mike_k1. it is very easy to install it the other way around (we just might document it). 2. it is not an embedded distro nor it is for very old hardware.04:08
jueplease reload04:09
sepenmike_k, like this one
mike_kjue: I like it04:09
sepenI like more the 2.1 crux style without the switch_root04:11
sepenas per made04:13
mike_kbut without the cd-rom device detection an all those customizations04:13
sepenmike_k, if you are an experienced linux user where is the problem?04:13
sepencrux == kiss04:13
mike_kthan there is no problem installing without cdrom =)04:14
juewell, patches are always welcome04:14
sepenjue I've a patch for initramfs/init to ask the user what to do instead of automatize the squashfs mount step04:16
sepenI used to patch the oficial iso since the squashfs idea appeared04:17
jueif you have a patch against current iso.git either add it to ticket or send it to crux-devel04:17
jueone thing I can imagine is to use a different boot concept with less ram usage for the i58604:25
juethat's target for older hardware and here it makes more senese to care about ram usage04:26
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sepenheh I'm going to install rc2 on my computer at office, just a fresh install on a new harddrive, bbl08:41
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jaegerI just did that yesterday, pretty happy with it so far08:42
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treachhmm. I haven't tried it yet, but is nvidia sata support omitted from the iso, or is it just simply forgotten in the handbook?11:21
jaegersata_nv is listed on line 203 of the init script, if that's what you mean11:27
treachOk, I was just looking at the handbook ( and since I can't see it listed there I began wondering.11:28
jaegerah, ok11:29
treachI figured it was just left out accidentally.11:29
jaegerthat list is pretty terrible, actually11:29
jaegerthe IDE section is useless11:29
treachbtw, shouldn't someone do %s/ ?11:30
jaegerprobably so11:33
jaegerI should push that update, too11:52
tilmantreach: would you like to have a wiki account?11:52
treachSure, if you think I can be of any help. I must warn you though, I've got zero experience with stuff like that. :>11:54
tilmanwell, your handbook contributions last year were good stuff ;D11:56
treachI'm happy if you think so. IIRC jaeger gave it a lot of "finishing touches" :)11:57
tilmannative speakers ftw?11:57
jaegerI don't remember, but I'm sure any help is good11:57
treachtilman: well, IMO, he's cheating.11:57
treachI don't have a mum who's been working as an english teacher. (which jaeger has iirc.)11:58
jaegerthat was years ago, hehe11:59
treachjaeger: well, I presume she still managed to correct any errors you made. (Probably without even thinking about it. :p )12:00
jaegerI'm sure she could, yes :)12:02
jaegerIf it helps any, though, I haven't asked her an english question in a LONG time :)12:02
treach"It's IT'S, not ITS!! *WHACK* :P12:02
jaegerThat particular idiocy is one of my biggest annoyances with english12:03
treachjones' dog's collar's colour is more annoying IMO.12:04
treachthe ^12:04
jaegeranything involving apostrophes is a bad place to be12:04
jaegerI feel sorry for non-native speakers learning english, it's ridiculous12:04
treachfeel free to correct the above, I'm sure it's wrong just about everywhere .;D12:04
jaegeractually it was correct :)12:04
treachNah, it's ok.12:05
treachEnglish is MUCH easier than german IMO..12:05
jaegerI kinda feel the opposite way but maybe it's different depending on your native language. You're swedish, right?12:05
jaegerGerman seems simple to me because the structure is more rigid12:06
jaegerNone of that annoying "i before e" crap that we do in english12:06
treachbut german has so many damned rules, and they keep changing depending on the circumstances.12:06
jaegerI would say the same about english except that we don't change them depending on circumstances, we change them for no good reason :D12:06
treachalso, swedish and german are pretty similar in someways, I guess that sometimes makes things harder.12:06
treachhey, at least you only have THE to keep track of, and what stands around it doesn't change depending on it..12:07
tilmanwhy do swedes seem to have trouble pronouncing the "j" sound right?12:07
tilmanas in 'join' eg12:07
treachnot that I've noticed..12:08
tilmanoh, weird12:08
tilmani shall google it12:08
jaegerThere's a comedian who has a good bit about the i before e thing... "'I' before 'E' except after 'C' and when sounding like 'A' as in 'neighbor' and 'weigh' and on weekends and holidays and all throughout may and you'll always be wrong no matter what you say"12:08
treachbut non native speakers usually have a really hard time pronouncing "sju sjösjuka sjömän på ett sjunkande skepp". :P12:08
treach"Seven seasick seamen on a sinking ship"12:09
treacherr.for the sake of clarity  s/seamen/sailors/ ;D12:11
jaegerok, pushed the .8 and iputils update12:13
treachoh noes, mr clueless again. >_<12:27
tilmanmy thought exactly12:28
tilmanjaeger: did you actually read the crap that gets sent to
tilmanjaeger: or is it safe to ignore?12:31
tilmani need to improve my spam setup :(12:31
jaegerI don't recall ever getting anything useful there12:39
jaegerignored most of it12:39
tilmantreach: you should have gotten mail by simone13:43
tilmanjaeger: okey13:43
treachtilman: yeah, I just noticed, "grazie" to you both. I'll try to do something constructive with it when I feel confident I won't break anything while fumbling around. ;)13:46
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