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tilmandoes rc2 ship with a crappy handbook.txt?10:34
tilmanie and outdated one?10:34
jaegerI didn't think so but I guess that would be my fault if so10:40
tilmanthe new one should have been in rc1 already... i didn't check though10:41
tilman-> my fault :p10:41
jaegerI can easily crank out another iso with an updated one10:42
tilmancurrently, the handbook says: "more information about harddisk naming conventions please checkout this HOWTO."10:42
jaegerno package changes if we want to stick with rc210:42
tilmani rewored that sentence to make more sense in the ascii export10:42
jaegeris that the only change?10:53
tilmanwould have to check the wiki history10:54
tilmanno, there were a couple of other fixes at least in Handbook2-5-Install10:55
jaegeruploading another iso, sorry about that :(10:57
tilmanie, rc3?10:57
tilmanor rc2+1 ;)10:57
jaegerthere are no new packages, just updated the handbook and release notes10:58
jaegeroverwrote the rc2 I already uploaded to ~jaeger/tmp/10:58
tilmananyone else around?10:58
tilmanmaybe we can just call that new iso final :D10:59
jaegerI'd still like to know why some people can't build things10:59
jaegerI can't duplicate it on my machines10:59
tilmanoh, right10:59
tilmanricardo hit that problem, too :(10:59
jaegeryeah :(11:00
jaegerI'm running rc2 both on my main workstation at work and one of my machines at home, no problems on either. I've also run it in vmware and virtualbox and not had any trouble11:00
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jaegerheyo, jue11:07
tilmanhi jue11:07
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jueeverything fine apart the gcc problem some people have?11:10
tilmani just noticed that rc2 contained an oudated handbook.txt11:10
tilmanjaeger is uploading a new iso atm because of that11:10
jaegerit's done uploading11:10
tilmanwell, i wondered11:11
jaegerrc2 still, no changes besides the handbook/releasenotes11:11
jueok, good11:11
tilmanif we want to ignore the gcc problem, we could call that new iso 'final.iso'11:11
tilmanbut i have no idea whether we should try to figure out the gcc thing11:11
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jueyes, it's a bit strange, gcc works for me on two different boxes very well11:12
jaegerCan any of us duplicate it? I've not seen it so far11:12
tilmani cannot11:12
jueme neither11:13
jaegerI wish we had more info from those who are hitting it11:13
sepenI only tested it on xfs partitions, no idea about reiserfs or others11:14
jaegerI've tested xfs and ext211:14
jueI got an 'Illegal instruction' error only if I try to run i686 stuff on my i58611:14
jaegerI would expect it there, that makes sense11:15
juein the past, I mean11:15
sepentilman, I started cruxbot some hours ago11:15
sepenI've a folder on my home called cruxbot with some nohup.out logs11:16
juewell, I have a i586 version of gcc ready, I don't think that it helps much, but would be an idea to advise the guys to try that11:16
juemy thouhgt is that they have possibly something like an via chip, which claims to be an i686 but isn't fully compatible11:18
tilmani just asked ricardo about the cpu type11:18
tilmanlet's see..11:19
juebut that's nonsense if gcc 4.2 works ...11:19
jaegerOne of the users hitting this problem mentioned a pentium 311:27
jaegerwhich should be 100% i686 compatible11:28
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tilmanC3 Nehemiah (C5X/C5XL/C5P)14:02
jaegerthat's one of the problem machines?14:03
tilmanthat's ricardo's machine, yep14:03
jaegergood to know14:03
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nipuL_i'll go test my celery 400 with rc216:28
nipuL_insufficient disk space...16:32
jaegerI think we should possibly offer a smaller RAM requirement version of the install CD that uses something like the old non-initramfs setup17:00
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