IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2008-12-16

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treach@seen viper09:00
clbtreach: I have not seen viper.09:00
sepen@seen Viper_09:03
clbsepen: Viper_ was last seen in #crux-devel 30 weeks, 4 days, 2 hours, 12 minutes, and 41 seconds ago: <Viper_> hey romster :)09:03
treachah, right.09:03
treach30 weeks.. is he still active?09:04
sepenabout what area?09:05
treachport maintainence, for instance09:06
sepenfor ports? sure09:07
sepenI found a commit 2008-11-08 ->;a=shortlog09:07
treachk. I guess I'll mail him about irssi/2.5 later.09:08
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teK<Viper_> hey romster :) <- oh well10:00
treachhmm, anyone else got hit with a "[libinstall] Error 1" by python in 2.5?10:08
treach(right after building
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treachtilman: I've got a semi-running system here, and I can't find my notes.. there was some magic stuff you had to put in xorg.conf in order to make it work with kdb and friends iirc.11:48
treachwould you mind giving me a pointer?11:49
tilmanmay i instead recommend to use -evdev?11:49
treachI'll give that a try. :)11:50
treachgreat, thanks.12:01
sepenI think this is one of the news I would like to have in the wiki, but not in the main news screen, just another with more regular news12:05
sepenits hard to search for this kind of notices at ML12:06
treachyeah, maybe it should even be in the relase notes..?12:09
treachand the faq. :p12:09
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sepenI mean tmp news12:10
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teKah, it's dev's tuesday13:02
treachbtw, did anyone note that there's another stray dir of modules on rc-2?13:02
juetreach: probably not13:06
treachugh, I'm confused. Never mind me. >_<13:08
juetreach: thanks13:08
jueI run into the same with rc1 or so, we should improve our Makefile13:08
juewell, that's easy to fix, do we have new infos wrt the gcc problem?13:10
tilmanno :x13:12
jueso we have two possibilities: ignore the error or bother nipuL to do a deeper research13:17
sepenrm -rf $(SQUASHFS_DIR)/* before install nothing13:18
tilmanoh, that's easy13:18
tilmanlet's pester nipuL13:18
jueI guess he is still the only one of 'us' who has seen it?13:18
sipanybody tested it on celeron?13:20
tilmannipul did13:20
tilmanand it failed13:20
sepenjue, I think that the module problem could be avoided by adding rm -rf $(SQUASHFS_DIR) before mkdir -p ... at MAkefile line 24513:21
sipyeah I meant apart from him :-)13:21
tilmanoops ;D13:21
juesepen: thanks, now I got it :-)13:21
sepenjue, -> before @mkdir -p $(SQUASHFS_DIR)13:22
* jue Athlon 64 x2 and pentium-m13:22
tilmani don't have any celerons or p3's13:23
jaegerI've tested on core 2 duo and amd64 x213:26
jaegerwhere is the stray module dir?13:26
jueif we assume the problem in that corner, it might be useful to do a test with the i586 optimized gcc I've uploaded to crux.nu13:26
treachjaeger: never mind, I think I managed to confuse myself. Sorry for the noise.13:26
juetreach: no, you didn't, you are right :-)13:27
jaegerah, ok13:27
treachoh, great. :D13:28
sipit's for...uhm...backward compatibility13:28
sipI can do some test on  a celeron tomorrow morning if we decide to wait13:29
jueyeah, I'd suggest to do that13:32
tilmani agree13:32
jaegerI have an old p3 (I think) laptop at home. I'll try and test it tonight if it still powers on13:32
jaegerin the meantime I'll upload an iso without the extra modules13:33
* treach has a limping pentium M going here, if he only knew what the problem was..13:33
jueif you run into the same error, please try
jueit's the i586 version built on a K6-II13:35
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jaegerok, new iso uploaded13:39
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juewow, that was fast13:40
treachsip: ah, right. I have not encounterd exactly that problem, but I keep getting "internal compiler error" every now and then, seemingly a bit random.. I figured it was bad ram, but I guess jue's gcc package could be worth a try.13:40
juejaeger: thanks13:40
jaegerrsync :)13:40
jaegerhrmm, side note: maybe net-setup* should not be included on the CD?13:43
jaegerwait, nm, mksquashfs takes care of that13:43
sipmmh the previously mentioned problems with VirtualBox goes away with VT-x enabled13:43
jaegerright, but if your machine doesn't support vmx/svm you're screwed :)13:44
jaegerwell, if you have to use non libata for some reason13:44
sipfinally found it
jaegerI love that one :)13:47
treachjue: I'm not 100% sure yet, but it seems like changing to your gcc package alleviated my "internal compiler error" problem.13:55
juebut didn't solve it entirely?13:56
treachI can't tell for sure I need more testing.13:57
treachbut I managed to compile mesa3d now, it failed 3 times in a row before.13:57
jueoops, that's strange because I have no problems with my pentium-m here13:58
treachas I said; It needs more testing. I guess it could be a fluke.13:59
treachBut it looks like it helped for me.13:59
sipI'm remotely testing on a celeron atm14:09
sipso far all good, compiling the kernel14:09
sipI wonder if the iso kernel can be the cultprit14:10
jueit's annoying, I'm working since beginning of september with 4.3.2 and never had an compiler error14:10
juesip: no, don't think so if I read comment 2 of ticket #38614:13
treachno, it's not the kernel, I still get the same problem with .9.14:22
treachand apparently it was just a fluke that mesa built14:22
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sipreproducible on my ooooooooold laptop14:53
sipnot really. the thing is making such a noise!14:56
jueare you able to compile anything or even to run something like 'gcc -dumpspecs' ?15:00
sipgah I cannot mount the fs after a reboot15:03
sipdumpspecs works15:04
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nipuLi can't test rc2, it's too big to load on 12mb ram15:58
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juenipuL: maybe it helps to disable some modules, no{scsi,sata,usb,firewire} ?16:18
sipmeanwhile, I cannot try anything but compiling the kernel here: no media and net16:18
treachbtw, does the iso support eisa..?16:19
treachI can build most stuff, but bigger things tend to end with a "internal compiler error, good bye sucker" error. I'll run memtest on this box later.16:20
nipuLi wish people would get on top of 2.5 ports already16:21
treachI'm running 2.5 on my old R40.16:21
juenipuL: I'd suggest to download the latest version of rc2, because the old one had around 17MB of old kernel modules on it16:30
jueAFAIK 128MB should be enough16:30
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jaegerI'm guessing it'll still be a bit too much for 128MB but I could be wrong16:32
sipthe previously mentioned celeron (the working one) is a p4-class machine16:32
treachdidn't mike_k try it out with a vm?16:33
treachafair, he figured 160 or something like that was minimum.16:33
juetreach: yes, he found out the 128M16:33
treachah, ok.16:33
jue+32 to be on the save side16:33
treachI see. I should get my tired ass to bed then and stop confusing you big-wigs. ;)16:35
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juenipuL: you got rc1 installed on your celeron box and it is, apart from the broken gcc, a working system now ?16:40
nipuLwell no, i get the compiler error when trying to build the kernel16:42
nipuLkind of a show stopper16:42
juesure, didn't thought enough ;)16:45
juebut testing the gcc from would be possible16:47
nipuLit's an old laptop, no  network16:53
nipuLi'll see if i can figure something out tomorrow, got to do some gardening today16:53
nipuLthe back yard is turning into a jungle16:53
juewell, after booting with the CD you can umount it and mount another one16:54
nipuLi'll give them a go16:55
nipuLi assume test3?16:55
jueno, it's the one I build for the i586 version16:56
nipuLi686 has always wrked for  my celery in the past16:56
nipuLworth a shot i guess16:57
jueyeah, hope so16:57
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sipworth a cd ;-)16:57
nipuLi have a pile of rw's16:58
juetime to sleep, night17:02
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jaegerdoh, it seems my old dell p3 laptop has totally bit the dust17:38
jaegerwon't even power on anymore17:39
jaegerwhoa, as I said that it actually turned on17:40
jaegerI wouldn't trust it to again, though, hehe17:40
sipdiesel? :-)17:40
jaegerhad to take the battery out, only works on AC17:41
jaegerand only sporadically, it seems :P17:41
jaegermight be enough to test the iso, though17:42
sipI'm trying again tomorrow with the p3 notebook, but at this point it's pretty clear we have some issue17:42
sipI hope you can get network to work to have a spin at jue's gcc17:44
jaegerI guess I'll find out17:44
jaegerI tried to boot it all the way up to test it but the freebsd install that's on the disc won't boot for some reason17:44
siptry removing the dust hehe17:45
jaegerI'm still surprised I could get it to turn on, honestly17:46
sipgood night17:59
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rehabdolldistrowatch is listing firefox 3.0.5 as released19:15
jaegerok, definitely can't build anything on the p3 laptop19:15
jaegerjue's i586 gcc 4.3.2 didn't make any difference, still can't build anything19:37
jaegerinstalled gcc 4.2.2 from 2.4 and trying to build 4.3.1 with it19:37
jaeger4.2.2 bombs as well19:45
jaegermemtest time19:45
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jaeger5 passes so far and no errors from memtest21:54
nipuLcan't test on my celeron for a while, the dc input plug is broken22:02
nipuLi'll have to pull it to bits and resolder the joints22:02 :\22:02

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