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juetilman: ping08:02
tilmanhi jue08:03
juehi, you've seen #386 today?08:04
tilmanno. hang on08:05
tilmanjue: cool :)08:07
jueyeah, I think we found it08:07
tilmanso, rc4? :)08:08
juewell, good question08:08
tilmanwhy is it a question? :p08:11
jueactually we have no chances to core ports since rc2, if we only replace libgmp with the new one it might be an option to do the final taht way08:11
tilmanwell, okay08:11
jueI've added some tags to git today, so we can see this better08:12
tilmanjue: you didn't commit the libgmp fix yet :p08:12
tilmanor push08:12
juebut I'd say it's save to do that?08:13
tilmanyour test package was built for i386, right?08:13
tilmandid you test a i686 package of libgmp successfully?08:13
jueno, I've changed it to i686 after our discussion yesterday08:13
tilmani think it's safe to push that change, yes :)08:14
jueso the two guys from #386 have done the test ;-)08:14
* jue as well oc08:14
tilmanjue: anyway, i'm fine with being bold and creating final.iso with that :D08:16
tilmanerm, s/with that//08:17
jueyeah, I'm unsure but tend in that direction too08:18
tilmancan you create the iso, or should we ask jaeger to do it?08:21
jueI can do it, but would prefer asking jaeger08:22
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tilmanjaeger: would you mind rolling one more iso? we're positive that the gmp bug is solved08:24
jaegersure, easy enough08:24
tilmanhold on until jue pushes the fix though08:24
jaegerdo we want to only update libgmp or everything that's changed since rc2?08:25
tilmanjust replacing libgmp would only take a few minutes, right?08:25
tilmani don't think we need a full rebuild; jue?08:25
jaegeryes, but it hasn't been bootstrapped08:25
jueno, don't think we need a new bootstrap08:27
jueonly gcc is affected and that seems to work fine08:27
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jaegernew iso is building08:35
sirmacikit'll be rc3 or rc4?08:36
juebeing away now, back in ~4 hours08:36
sirmacikor final?08:36
juejaeger: thanks08:36
sepensirmacik, if you read the last rc announce it was rc2, so it should be rc3 for now, but imho it takes nonsense08:38
sirmacikthx ;]08:39
sirmacikI know but in this conversation was also rc4 "15:08 < tilman> so, rc4? :)"08:40
sirmacikbut... nevermind08:40
jaegerI'm uploading it as rc2 again because rsync will work fastest that way :)08:42
DarkNekrosre-rc2 ;)08:42
sepensirmacik, iirc this was the last mail announce
tilmanrc3 wasn't announced08:43
jaegerok, it's uploaded08:44
tilmandoes anyone want to actually try that iso, or should i just announce it? :D08:53
sepentilman, I vcan08:54
jaegerI'll toss it in a vmware image and try it08:55
sepentilman, I can install it when arrived to home at 18:0008:55
sependirectly on a p800 box, I've partitioned a hardisk yesterday08:55
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jaegerI don't have the right hardware to test the gmp fix but I can at least make sure it boots and installs still08:56
tilmanjaeger: that's perfect08:56
jaeger128MB also works fine09:00
jaegersetup was fine, building a kernel09:06
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tilmanwhich iso had 1f3fb0975258aa436514fec7e8ec1960 as the md5sum? :p09:27
jaegerno idea, sorry09:27
tilmani have a crux-2.5.iso with that checksum, but it's neither rc1, nor rc2 :]09:27
jaegerand this install seems to work fine09:27
tilmandid the kernel build finish?09:28
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treachdamn what was the url to the 64b repos? I keep forgetting.10:41
tilmanwhere $foo = opt, core, xorg10:43
treachMy brain has ceased working; it should be "collection=ports/crux-2.5/core-x86_64", right ?10:46
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tilmanthere's probably no 2.5 branch in the x86_64 reos yet10:46
treachyeah, 2.4 worked. thanks.10:47
tilmannot sure when i'll get to x86_64/2.510:49
treachhey, now when we've got flash and everything? :p10:50
sirmacikwhen rc3 wil be announced?10:52
treachand btw, nvidia users doesn't need mesa, or am I wrong?10:52
tilmani'll probably spend a significant portion of my midwinter vacation on playing videogames in wine10:52
tilmanoh right10:53
treachtilman: you don't have to take your drinking *that* serious. :p10:53
treach"silent service, now in wine" :p10:53
treachsirmacik: no doubt when it's ready. Afaik it hasn't even been discussed though.10:54
tilmani'd like to hear jue's okay before announcing things10:55
sirmacikok... sorry for so many unimportant questions...10:56
sirmacikand thx for the answers ;]10:56
tilmansirmacik: unofficially, you can grab now and be happy10:56
tilmanbut don't tell anyone10:56
treachhey, let's go google and stay beta for a few years. :p10:57
sirmacikor go wine and stay beta for 15 years?10:58
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juecool, we finally have it :-)12:33
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sepenjue, ?12:38
sepennew build?12:39
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juesepen: downloading crux-2.5.iso ...12:39
sepenhmm nice12:40
jueI thought you want to test it?12:40
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sepenthnkx jue12:54
jaegertilman: how did we set up the mirrors? I can't remember how they sync up. I was looking for it and don't see any automation on my end12:54
juesepen: np, updating currently my laptop12:55
* sepen downloading12:56
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tilmanjue: are you okay with me announcing it now, or do we want to wait til sepen tested it?12:59
tilmanjaeger: we agreed on syncing from each other.. whoever had the latest stuff :D13:00
jaegerah, so we just did it manually last time?13:00
jaegerthat's fine, I just couldn't remember13:00
juetiman: my update has just finish, let me try a reboot ;-)13:01
jaegertime to replace that PC-BSD install with 2.5, I think13:03
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jue_tilman: perfect, update went smooth so far, go for it13:08
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treachdid I miss the release party? :p13:15
tilmanthe iso has, right?13:16
tilmanokay, i fixed ReleaseNotes2-5 accordingly13:16
tilmani'll send the email announcement now, afterwards we can update the wiki :)13:16
jaegerare the release notes on the iso outdated, then?13:17
* tilman blinks13:17
treachthe installation notes refers to the wrong kernel too, rigth?13:17
jaegerah, it says 2.6.27.x13:17
tilmanjaeger: yeah, not that bad13:17
tilmannobody will notice13:18
jaegerI can update it and rebuild if you like, that wouldn't take long13:18
tilmantreach: yes13:18
tilmanhandbook.txt says
tilmanthat really should be fixed13:18
tilmanjaeger: let me fix the wiki pages for the handbook13:18
* sepen installing *all* packages13:19
treachfrom source! :p13:19
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tilmananything else? :D13:20
tilmanprobably not13:21
jaegerstill in section 6.313:21
tilmanokay, done13:23
tilmanjaeger: remember to run those get_wiki_* scripts :D13:24
jaegeraye :)13:24
sepenwell a minor issue: ports/crux-2.3/*13:25
sepensection 5.2.113:25
sepenbut really is not an issue imho13:26
jaegerI should look at the handbook more often13:26
tilmani think we can ignore that13:26
tilmanit says "output is _something_ like this"13:26
sepenwell, all packages installed succesfully here (core, opt, xorg)13:28
sepengoing to compile a kernel13:28
jaegeruploading again13:29
treachok, I realize this is a bit late, and it's not really an issue either, but does it really make sense that if you chose to only install, let's say "core" and then proceed to set the individual packages, you're still presented with an option to customize the selection from the other repos at the next step?13:30
jaegerI think so because there's no option to say something like "I want to only install part of opt or xorg" until you customize13:31
jaegerunless you mean an install where the user doesn't wish to install opt or xorg at all... but we don't ask that, either, really13:32
treachwell, at least I see a situation where I do not select something as meaning, "No, I don't want that". But maybe that's just me.13:33
jaegerPerhaps we need to add some text that clarifies the choice later on13:34
sepenor file a ticket13:34
treach"Todo for 2.6; look at the installer. Possibly implement snazzy gui with partitioner" :p13:35
treachie, I was just curious if anyone else but me found it a bit strange.13:35
tilmanokay, i'll hit the button now13:41
tilmanokay, i hit the button13:42
tilmanjaeger: thanks again for your help; much appreciated :)13:42
j^2anyone have the .torrent link? i can seed it13:43
tilmancan you _create_ the .torrent? :)13:45
j^2i mean13:45
j^2not here :( i'm at work13:45
jaegernp :)13:45
tilmanshould have done the torrent before announcing it13:51
tilmanoh well13:51
tilmanhow did this work? -- do i have to register the torrent with the tracker? :D13:59
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tilmanj^2: try
jaegeryou just have to specify the tracker when you create the torrent14:01
tilmani did that14:01
jaegerrtorrent says "could not parse bencoded data"14:04
tilmanmmh, i used bittorrent 4.4.0 to create it14:05
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jaegerthe tracker doesn't show 2.514:05
jaegerI can try to create one if you like14:07
tilmanbleh, wrong announce url14:08
tilmanforgot to append 'announce'14:08
tilmantry to download the .torrent again please14:09
rehabdollFailure reason "requested download is not authorized for use with this tracker"14:10
tilmanwhy not?14:11
jaegercopy it into ~jaeger/torrent-tracker/14:11
jaegermight have to restart bnbt, not sure14:13
Rotwangsepen: i like the three eyed cow14:13
sepenRotwang, ;D me the manfuckingcow14:14
rehabdollnow it works tilman14:14
tilmannow it also shows up in the web ui14:14
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j^2tilman: awesome, diling it thx14:51
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rehabdollthe gitweb thingy still tracks 2.4 over rss btw15:18
tilmanoh god15:19
tilmanrehabdoll: thanks, i'll  fix that soon[tm]15:19
rehabdollthe rss feed is quite usable imho15:24
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juetilman: I've changed gitweb to show the 2.5 branches15:55
juethe timeline as well, hope the wiki links will work now for sepen and nipul too15:57
Rotwangportdb still points to 2.4 branches16:16
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Rotwangbut i guess its going to change after portdb daily update ;]16:19
treachtilman: git still looks for perl 5.8 in the footprint ;)16:21
treachn/m, I'm a tired idiot, looking in the wrong tree.16:22
tilmanthought so16:22
treachwell, I had the same problem with irssi before, so I guess I was conditioned to look for errors.16:23
treachrehabdoll: btw, I'm not sure how interested you are in java, but 64b java works fine on your "flavour", but a lib64 -> lib link is needed for the installer.16:28
juetilman: would you mind tagging xorg.git for 2.5?16:30
juethe tag should be at commit 7c1f706258086d834bd541c06fe9329aac55693c16:30
jueit's the libxi update16:31
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rehabdollyeah, thought as much16:49
rehabdolland, no not very interested :)16:49
treachrehabdoll: guessed so, but at least you know now. (Tested with oo.o, eclipse)16:53
tilmantreach: thanks, i fixed irssi :|16:54
treachviper seems about to drop off the map too. :/16:55
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