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pitill0hello, time to get it here at work, any comments about make a bump on a production server?01:11
pitill0let's see01:12
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nipuLi've almost upgraded my server to 2.5 live02:06
nipuLjust have to do the python stuff02:06
pitill0atm I have an usbdisk installation disk and burning a cd (I have problems to boot the usbdisk in the server and I am not sure how to update it in a live way)02:09
pitill0at least the company has cds (I hadn't at home and I made all test/rc with usbdisk)02:10
nipuLjust make sure you lots of revdeps02:14
nipuLalso, core has changed a little02:14
nipuLslocate is gone, replaced with mlocate02:14
nipuLinetd, netkit-ftp, netkit-telnet are gone02:14
nipuLreplaced with inetutils02:14
nipuLthen there's all the perl and python updates02:15
pitill0yeah, rejmerge and revdep, and good tip about netutils02:15
nipuLruby too02:15
nipuLbut i dont use ruby02:15
pitill0here I don't use it too02:15
nipuLprtorphan is good for finding obsolete packages02:16
pitill0I/O errors... good checksum, bad cd drive02:16
pitill0ummm good point too02:16
nipuLi'm kind of avoiding upgrading python for now02:16
pitill0next year with virtualized servers will be interesting too, I must move this server to a virtualized one02:16
nipuLmost of my production stuff is in python02:17
pitill0ummm, here I don't develop with crux, it's hosting a little intranet (nagios + cacti)02:18
pitill0ummmm /mnt/ doesn't seem a root partition.... interesting02:21
pitill0ummmm I think I am missing the others,02:21
nipuLoh, you're using the release iso. I upgraded from ports02:23
pitill0yeah, using the iso to update it (tried with sepen's usbdisk but this computer has problems to start from usb, because the disk boots fine in a laptop)02:26
tilmanwe need to do a sources iso :(02:38
sepentilman, where is the sync mirror script at
tilmani don't think there's a script02:40
cptnmmmh, some problem on crux.nu03:48
cptnmaybe slashdot posted the 2.5 announcement ;-)03:49
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pitill0well, finally finished, all update and rebuilt. Thank you very much for your work, good job :)05:59
juepitill0: update via CD?06:00
pitill0jue: yes, I tried with a usbstick with sepen's script, but this computer has problems to boot from usb (a laptop worked fine)06:07
juebtw, would be nice to have a wiki page for that script06:10
juesepen: mind writing one?06:10
juetilman: good catch (source iso)06:11
juetilman: do you remember who has done it the last time?06:14
tilmansimone :x06:15
juehmm, a target for our Makefile to automate it a bit wouldn't hurt06:16
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juetilman: I guess we will not find volunteers for that job, so I'll do it the next days06:51
tilmangreat, thanks07:07
tilmanbtw, i think we should aim at doing the next release rather soonish07:07
tilmannew kernel + new X (soon) = love :D07:07
jueyou mean a 2.6 or a 2.5.1?07:08
tilmanno idea :)07:09
juewell, let's see07:09
tilmanthen again, i'll probably put xserver 1.6 in ports when it's released07:09
sepenjue, now I'm here and reading the backlog, sorry for the delay07:38
sepenjue, sure I'll write one07:39
juecool, thanks sepen07:41
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juetilman: added a target to our Makefile, uploading the sources iso now15:49
juetilman: added a target to our Makefile, uploading the sources iso now15:49
juetilman: added a target to our Makefile, uploading the sources iso now15:49
jueoops, sorry15:49
tilmangreat, thanks15:49
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