IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2008-12-20

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tilmanrehabdoll: i'm not sure what's up with hannes. back in february he wanted to join opt, but never showed up again :D07:16
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rehabdollseems pointless for him to run his own race07:33
tilmani don't know what's up07:34
tilmani was too embarassed to ask why he didn't do anything after getting his account07:34
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thrice`ok, i'm installing a random 64-bit iso from the ML :>09:05
thrice`is it hannes?09:06
thrice`or is "it" too vague :>09:07
treachhopefully at least one bit less dangerous than installing random 64bit windows isos. :p09:07
* Rotwang puts on his crux t-shirt09:09
* Rotwang feels the omniscent power emanating from it09:09
tilmanthrice`: is it hannes? what?09:10
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thrice`tilman: sorry, I was asking whose ISO was listed on the ML recently09:14
thrice`not only am I trying this iso, i'm trying a live i686 -> x86_64 upgrade :<09:14
tilmanif you're dowloading from then yes, that's hannes' iso ;)09:15
tilmanthrice`: "lulz". no way this can work :]09:15
thrice`sure it can; boot a 64-bit live-CD, loop-mount iso, pkgadd -u -f core/* ?09:16
tilmanoh, i thought you booted into the 32 bit system09:16
thrice`rebuild kernel, cross fingers, ?, profit?09:16
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juetilman: source iso is ready09:38
thrice`omg, it boots!09:39
treachyay, *another* crux flavour, "thrice`'s frankencrux". :)09:40
thrice`ok, gonna try a xorg build without any 64-bit repos09:44
tilmanat least mesa needs adjustments for 64 bitness09:45
tilmanjue: great, i'll pull it over so it's mirrored etc09:45
thrice`tilman: not sure that's needed anymore09:59
tilmanyou're right!09:59
thrice`d'oh :(  "XML::Parser required"10:07
tilmanjue: done10:09
juetilman: thanks10:11
thrice`oops, thrice` fail10:14
thrice`tilman: xorg built on stock xorg.git :>10:15
pedjacurrent openldap has a problem with Berkeley DB version (configure: error: BDB/HDB: BerkeleyDB version incompatible).10:53
pedjaand openladp-2.4.13 configures fine, but will not build.10:54
juepedja: it's a known problem, but no solution so far IIRC10:59
thrice`try passing some more cflags to configure:11:00
thrice`CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -D_GNU_SOURCE" ./configure --prefix=/usr \11:00
juethrice`: right, found it here11:05
thrice`yeah, cptn found it - I just had it in my ports tree :>11:10
pedjait works :)11:12
thrice`so far, I've run into no ports that need special attention11:28
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