IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2008-12-22

tilmanrehabdoll: thanks for doing this03:07
tilmani've wondered whether that approach we were toying with will really work out03:07
tilmanseems it doesn't, because it's just Too Much Work[tm]03:08
tilmanmaybe an opt-x86_64 _overlay_ would be more fun03:08
tilmanjust adjust the port that need fixing, otherwise use plain opt03:08
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tilmanoooh great.03:11
treachyeah, I'm online. Sorry.03:11
tilmanproblem accessing
treachworks here03:12
tilmanyeah, but apparently not in togo03:12
tilmani forgot the quotes03:12
treachoh. poor them. :)03:12
treachrehabdoll: speaking of access, for some reason '' isn't accessible. ;)03:13
tilmanpoor he/she03:13
tilmani doubt there's more one one crux user in togo03:13
tilmani can fix that03:13
treachok, I just figured I should tell someone. :D03:13
tilmanrehabdoll: shouldn't we create a 2.5 branch of opt-x86_64.git? :P03:14
tilmanrehabdoll: i just branched opt-x86_64.git. let me know if you need a hand with your git setup03:15
treachwhat's the deal with atk anyway, uneven is unstable?03:15
tilmantreach: sed -ei s/2.4/2.5/ opt-x86_64.rsync03:16
tilmanyes, uneven=unstable for all things related to gnome03:16
tilmantry ports -u in a few minutes ;D03:16
treachok, are you going to do the same for xorg and core?03:18
tilmannot right now :D03:18
treachokay. I guess it's no panic.03:18
tilmannah, that's silly03:18
tilmani'm doing it now03:18
tilmanthough word is that xorg.git doesn't need any changes these days03:19
treachyay, convergence is happening. :p03:19
tilmanseems xorg.git already has a 2.5 branch03:19
treachno files in it though?03:20
tilmani've just added them to the to-export list03:21
tilmannipuL: enjoy your vacation03:21
treachrsync: change_dir "/crux-2.5/opt-x86_64" (in ports) failed: No such file or directory (2)03:22
treachwas I too fast?03:22
tilmanshould be there now03:23
treachstill no xorg-2.5, but I guess that'll show up eventually.03:24
treachthanks for fixing the link,03:24
tilmani'd say you should use the 32 bits versino of xorg.rsync03:24
tilmanand speak up if you hit a problem03:24
treachlet's see how that works out, a few updates showed up when I changed that. :>03:26
tilman$ git branch -;03:29
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rehabdollcheers tilman, i think i got it07:01
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rehabdolltilman: i dont have write perms in 2.5?10:27
rehabdollor perhaps i didnt "got it" :)10:28
rehabdollerror: Unable to append to ./logs/refs/heads/2.5: Permission denied10:28
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mike_ksomeone can remove $name-x264.patch from opt/mplayer. new contrib/x264 does not require this.10:46
rehabdollnevermind, i b0rked something10:49
rehabdollerr, no, dont nevermind me10:49
rehabdollnow i just pushed to master10:49
rehabdolli suck10:51
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tilmanrehabdoll: which repository? opt-x86_64?11:54
rehabdolli somehow managed to write to the master branch also12:08
tilmanseems you also pushed to 2.412:08
rehabdolljust not 2.512:08
tilmani fixed it12:10
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jaegerI suppose it's safe to remove clc users from now15:23
* jaeger axes some users16:29
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rehabdolltilman: i still get perm errors when pushing17:16
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tilmanrehabdoll: okay i've ran; should be fixed :D18:03
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