IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2008-12-23

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cptntilman: yeah, you're in charge of :-)07:20
cptnthanks, btw ;-)07:20
cptnlet's bring it up tonight07:20
tilmanis it tuesday already?07:20
cptnit is here :-)07:22
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juetilman: I've finished the i586 today, would you mind uploading it to our master, please?10:01
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juejaeger: 2.5 not yet on available?11:47
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jaegerwell, he's not here to see the answer but of course it's available13:42
jaegervia rsync at least. maybe the ftp mirror isn't synced yet13:42
jaegeryeah, that seems to be the case, oops13:43
* jaeger fixes it13:43
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