IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2008-12-24

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juetilman: thanks05:00
tilmanhi & np05:00
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tilmanoh btw06:18
tilmanwas there a meeting yesterday?06:18
tilmani suffered major telephone fail :)06:18
cptna very silent one :-)06:18
tilmanright, backlog ftw06:18
cptnI was here, but no one spoke06:18
mike_kcan anyone fix #392 & 393? trivial ones.06:21
cptnI'll take 392 first06:22
cptnwow, sip maintained 70 ports...06:29
cptnin opt that is06:29
jueyep, just looking at them as well06:31
cptnshould we put them on a wiki page?06:32
juefor what?06:32
cptnso people can update the list if they pick up ports06:33
juewell, some of the ports must stay in opt, so ...06:33
Rotwangmake a list of sip ports that may be taken from opt to contrib06:35
Rotwangso contrib people can help too06:35
cptnjue: sure, but let's say if I pick up slim today06:36
cptnand someone else is looking for ports to pick up, it would be easier if there was a list of what is left06:36
juetilman, cptn: wrt ports, I'd suggest to move sudo to core with the next release, for now I can maintain it in opt06:37
cptnsounds good, yes06:37
tilmanmaybe the tex stuff should be moved to someone's private repo06:38
mike_kand it might be possible to make sudo/fakeroot the dafault setting for pkgmk.conf06:38
tilmangiven that it's unmaintained by upstream :'(06:38
cptnI'd volunteer to pick up lyx06:39
cptnbut I'd rather not maintain tetex and friends...06:39
juetilman: sudo?06:39
tilmanjue: i'm acking the sudo move06:39
tilmani was referring to tetex when i was saying it's unmaintained06:39
juethere was a new release a few day ago ;-)06:40
tilmanof tetex?06:40
juesorry, ok06:40
jueno, sudo06:40
jueconfusion perfect06:40
tilmando we still need cdrdao at all?06:41
tilmanor does cdrkit offer all the features that cdrdao did?06:42
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mike_kCommit timeline links point to 2.407:21
jue_mike_k: url ?07:24
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mike_k  "Commit timeline for core and opt ports"07:25
juethx, fixed07:26
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thrice`how do you guys typically work on ports in opt/core; from /usr/ports/, or do you keep them segregated?17:02
thrice`well, I guess a ~/devel would eventually mirror that in /usr/ports, so I'd guess segregated, thinking more about it :)  nevermind17:04
thrice`well, anyway, if you guys need a hand with a couple of sip's ports, I might be able to help out :)17:33
Rotwangthrice`: if you want to apply for opt send mail to crux-devel17:34
prologicMerry Christmas All!17:34
prologicAnd have a very fabulous Happy NEW Year!17:35
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tilmanthrice`: i have git repo clones in ~/devel/crux/ports/{core,opt,...} . so when i work on a port, i edit stuff in ~/devel, build it using fakeroot and if it works i push stuff which later ends up in /usr/ports after i run ports -u ;)18:41
thrice`that's what I figured18:44
thrice`thanks tilman :)18:50
tilmanand sure, help is very welcome18:52
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