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teKTotal Downloads:  72706:53
teKfor crux-2.5.iso06:53
Rotwangi think im seeding bu no uploads so far06:53
Rotwangcan someone confirm if there is a polish seeder?06:54
teKI just discovered that there are around 300 DOwnloads from a russian IP (User Agent "download master") so its about 400 Downloads in total06:54
teKRotwang: I can't06:54
rehabdolltheres a new tar released10:38
tilmangrrrrr rubygems10:39
tilmanrehabdoll: yeah, i already grabbed the sauce10:39
tilmanand then i realized that i don't even use gnu tar anymore10:39
tilmanso $somebody else should update it ;]10:39
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rehabdollNew short option -J, an alias for --lzma10:40
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juerehabdoll: is there a reason why you are using other kernel-headers for the x86_64 ?12:57
jueplease don't get me wrong, but I think it's not a good idea to use a different tool-chain for the x86_64 than we have for std CRUX13:00
rehabdollnot really, no ;)13:03
rehabdollim just bored13:03
juehehe :-)13:03
Rotwangjue: ive heard you were working on kde4.2 ports, no?13:04
juewell, I've done some first steps to have a running desktop13:06
rehabdollmy 64bit iso is currently using glibc 2.9 also13:06
juethat's only a couple of ports13:06
juerehabdoll: I've done some test with 2.5 and glibc 2.9, but it was to late to include them13:10
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rehabdollyeah i know. did you encounter any issues?13:19
jue_Rotwang: tbh, I was just curious to get a feeling how it works and looks like, but I don't think that I'll use KDE in the long term13:19
jue_rehabdoll: yeah, I found a runtime problem with mc13:20
* jue_ hides13:20
Rotwangjue_: i just finished my kde4-svn repo, and was curious about kde4_crux status13:20
jue_I don't remember what it was actually13:21
Rotwangecarux ports are basically ok13:21
Rotwangand alancio decided to stay w/ kde 3.5 for now13:21
jue_Rotwang: why svn?13:22
Rotwangfor fun ;]13:22
Rotwangkde4 development is very active tho13:26
jue_hmm, kdebase is around 6M, I can imagine that a svn checkout takes longer than the build ;-)13:26
Rotwangbziped kdebase from svn is ~205M13:29
Rotwangand ready package 114M13:30
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jue_yeah, that fits if I sum up the kdebase{,-runtime,-workspace} packages13:32
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