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sepenheyo jue03:28
sepenhmmm I'm interested on adopt subversion if no one is disagrees03:35
juesepen: consider the sudo thing a special case, because we agreed on putting sudo into core with next release and I'll temporary maintain it in opt03:40
jueWRT the other ports, cptn will put a list somewhere online03:41
sepenok sounds like a nice idea03:42
juebut I'd be happy if you take over all that subversion stuff, even mod_svn03:45
sepenI'll wait for the cptn's list, but sounds ok for me03:47
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cptnsepen: I think it would be great if you could pickup subversion04:56
juehello cptn04:56
cptnsince you're already maintaining -perl and -python :-)04:56
sepencptn, hi05:01
juetilman: working on tar too but waiting on a upstream comment wrt a failed test05:15
tilmani'll poke rsync now05:23
tilmanno i won't05:23
juethe 'too' was meant for it :-)05:24
tilmanlibarchive 2.6.0 has been released05:27
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sepenjue, could you create a new git branch for xfce.git/2.5? no idea if I've enough permissions for doing it at origin08:13
sepenI'm using xfce on my new 2.5 installation and all ports seems fine for now08:14
* Rotwang confirms08:16
juesepen: done09:32
juesepen: changed to 2.5 in gitweb and portdb too09:46
sepenjue, many thanks09:47
juenp, thank you09:50
mike_ksepen: and how should xfce.rsync look now?10:31
juemike_k: please wait until the next portdb update, AFAIK only once a day10:39
mike_kjue: and "rsync: change_dir "/crux-2.5/xfce" (in ports) failed: No such file or directory" should fade away?10:42
juehope so ;-)10:42
mike_kok. thanks10:43
juemike_k: forgot the update of one script, should work now10:51
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tilmanspeaking of snapshots17:36
tilmanmaybe we should build a 2.5.1 iso that ships with kernel 2.6.28, so people can easily enable ext4?17:36
tilmanthen again...17:36
tilmantune2fs -O extents /dev/foo # takes less than a second17:37
jaegeryeah, I wouldn't bother... maybe a wiki page instead?17:52
tilmanlet's see whether this issue comes up again17:53
tilmani had one guy email me personally and he brought it up17:53
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