IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2008-12-30

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sepenRotwang, ping05:12
Rotwangsepen: pong05:14
sepenRotwang, I think I finished the new gl-select05:15
Rotwangsepen: very good news05:16
sepenall seems ok here using the --old-stuff switch05:17
sepenstill testing status ->
sepenI'll write a README file for how to update it from the older one05:19
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sepencould someone test the new gl-select on a safe, chrooted, jailed, ... environment? all tests I made are passed ok
sepenthere are the steps I used it: 1- install mesa3d, xorg-server, gl-select, nvidia, 2- gl-select nvidia, 3- use xorg --old-stuff, 4- use nvidia, 5- status10:06
Rotwangsepen: ill test it in next 30 minutes10:11
sepenok, I'll go back to home in next 30 minutes too10:12
sepenbbl I'll return as soon as possible10:12
sepenah, and thanks Rotwang10:12
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Rotwangsepen: gl-select seems to be ok but there should be more info about options14:28
sepenyep, but its hard with my rich english vocabulary ;D14:28
sepenRotwang, a README file would be fine14:29
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