IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2008-12-31

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sepennew xterm patch:, should I update it?01:38
sepenalso, new cdrtools:
tilmantilman@centaur [~] > ports -l|grep cdrtools03:21
tilmantilman@centaur [~] >03:21
tilmansepen: we switched to cdrkit :)03:21
sepenoh shit I was looking for in my old 2.4 ports tree03:24
sepenbut the xterm one sounds interesting imho03:24
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RotwangHappy New Year17:02
sirmacikHappy New Year!17:21
sirmacikthx, Rotwang ;]17:21
mike_k05 o clock here. I should be asleep20:42
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