IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2009-01-07

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tilmannipuL: oy, i INSERT INTO'd the sqlite database11:40
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tilmanhi cptn14:32
cptntilman: just saw you mail :-)14:32
tilmani figured :D14:32
cptnregarding sip's ports14:32
cptnsorry, I've been kinda distracted lately :-)14:32
cptnI was just thinking that if it was on the wiki, we could remove (or mark) already adapted ports14:33
tilmani think everyone was slacking off.. no worries :D14:33
cptngood :-)14:33
cptnhappy new year BTW14:33
cptnto everyone14:33
tilmanoh, happy new year to you too14:33
tilmani'll dump the ports list on the wiki then14:34
cptnI don't really mind either way14:34
cptnbut it might save everyone some double checking in git whether a particular port has been adopted already14:35
tilmanserves me right for not using the preview feature14:38
* Rotwang wants openoffice14:39
teK21:06 < teK> nmap, postgresql, fortune, gimp and htop sound attractive to me14:42
tilmansepen's real name is jose, right?14:42
tilmanteK: taking gimp impies taking babl and gegl14:45
tilmanand who made up those names anyway?? :)14:46
teKsomeone with a speech disorder?14:46
teKerrr.. typing..14:46
cptnprobably the 2 year old kid of one of the developers14:46
tilmanthen there's intltool and libart_lgpl14:46
tilmanbut those might be needed by other opt stuff14:46
tilmanyada yada14:46
teKI'd be okay maintaining those both things, too.14:46
cptnI'd rather not take over tetex14:46
cptnbut I could do lyx14:47
tilmani mentioned tetex in my mail (the one you should received probably)14:47
teKshould this discussion go on on the ML?14:47
tilmanyeah, i'm leaving in a second anyway ;)14:47
teKhave a great night ;)14:48
tilmani'll dream of spring and 20+ degrees C14:48
tilmancptn: you totally need to take unrar :P14:48
tilmanwait, maybe i'm confusing it with librar?14:49
cptnor unrarlib14:49
cptnI was wondering whether anyone had a look at texlive before14:50
cptnpredatorfreak once said he'd look at it14:50
tilmanpredatorfreak did14:50
tilmanhe freaked out after 20 minutes or something14:50
tilmanopt/e3 looks weird14:51
tilmananyway, i'm off. night14:51
cptngood night14:52
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nipuLre: sip's ports, i can take up all the rox stuff16:49
nipuLalso pygtk and deps16:50
nipuLif no one wants postgresql i can do that too, but i'd rather not17:12
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