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teKnipuL: have a look at the ML01:41
nipuLwhat am i looking at?02:19
nipuL's nothing new in my inboxes02:19
nipuLyes, ive indicated my intention to take the ports i mentioned on the wiki page02:27
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sepenlh ->(lucas hazel) ;D03:18
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mike_kteK, Rotwang, please mark the ports (on the wiki) you are ready to take over as such. I guess contrib members can take over any non asterisk marked ports... It would be easier for others to follow up.04:53
teKmike_k: you were maintainer of zabbix_*, right?05:11
mike_kteK: yep. and I am ashamed I still didn't update it05:12
mike_kmy only box with it is running on mysql with low ram and it gets corrupt every week or so =/05:12
mike_kit complicates things a bit as I wanted to test an upgrade from 1.4 as well05:13
teKwtf? (mem. corruption)05:15
teKdone [ wiki ]05:17
mike_kteK: "Table 'i' is marked as crashed and should be repaired"05:19
mike_knever saw that on the other modern crux boxes with more ram. could be really a bad memory issue.05:20
teKI had this one, too05:22
teKsome people do argue that mysql is a plastic toy database *g*05:22
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sepenhmm when we should start to pickup simone's ports?10:16
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teK sepen11:06
tilmansepen: -> right now :)11:06
RotwangOOo at last mine ;}11:12
tilmannipuL: your mail line wrapping is broken ;p11:15
teKsepen: c'mon update xterm; there's a security fix :>11:29
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Rotwanghi jue12:01
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sepen_I think I found something curious about locate/mlocate using the 'fakeroot' command
juesepen_: s/slocate/mlocate in /etc/group13:43
sepen_$ getent group mlocate13:44
sepen_jue, I'm running from the test3, so I think I should recompile fakeroot13:46
juewhat was the exact command that lead to the error?13:46
sepen_iirc mlocate was later than test313:46
jueyes, it was13:46
sepen_jue, fakeroot pkgmk13:46
* sepen_ re-building fakeroot13:46
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sepen_strange, same error after rebuilding it13:51
sepen_wait, the error says 'checking tcl build dir ...ERROR', now recompiling tcl13:52
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sepensame error14:08
juesepen: sorry, was away14:10
juehmm, looking at your error closer now14:11
jueit's missing a slocate group, not the other way around14:11
jueit works without fakeroot?14:12
sepenjue, but I have the mlocate group only, I'll try newly without fakeroot14:17
sepenyep it also fails14:18
sepenI think its due to some tcl exported var or similar, really no idea for now14:18
sepenbut sounds curious, tcl don't has any dependency14:20
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sepenbbl, going to prepare some food14:28
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