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teKhow about this one:12:36
teK-if [[ -f /proc/modules ]]; then12:36
teK-  /sbin/depmod -a12:36
teKfor /etc/rc.modules12:36
sepenwhen we should start to keep simone's ports?13:19
Rotwang(18:06:57) tilman: sepen: -> right now :)13:19
Rotwangsorry ffor my pidginish logs ;]13:19
sepenah ok13:20
sepenat least I would update xterm13:20
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Rotwangso, contrib people can adapt sip ports now?15:31
jaegergah, stupid 5 minute sync bug15:50
teK*will* ports like nmap go from opt to contrib if e.g. I will pick them up?15:53
sepenwell, imho we should wait to new releases before adopting ports16:17
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tilmansepen: i don't think so16:18
tilmanRotwang: just do it already16:18
teKnoone wants to adopt nano. great16:19
tilmansrsly make sure you don't mess up dependencies16:20
tilman   1. ports marked with an * must remain in opt, because other opt-ports depend on it or the port is part of the iso. Please complete. "16:20
tilmanas the wiki states16:20
tilmannamenlos: i got your mail... will have a closer look tomorrow or on sunday16:21
Rotwangyay /me puts his hand on some fancy softwares \:D/16:21
tilmanhehe, i wondered who the hell bp was for some seconds ;p16:22
namenlostilman: np, i still got to experiment a bit16:22
teKif i take nmap it will go to contrib, right?16:22
teKdangerous :-)16:23
namenloshm, seems romster was faster than me in picking up ports... was considering imagemagick and unrar16:23
teKcontrib is not active per default, right?16:23
tilmannamenlos: i'm sure you can discuss that with him16:23
tilmannamenlos: he's maintaining an estimated 3000 ports, so i guess he wouldn't mind if you took those :D16:24
tilmanteK: in practice, everybody has it enabled i think16:24
teKwell ;)16:24
tilmanteK: i wouldn't consider it a an issue wrt nmap16:24
namenlostilman: i will talk with him, if he onl took them, if i can help him in taking them, i will16:25
teKwho coordinates deletion in opt/ and adoption in contrib/? :)16:25
teK(I have no access to opt, obv.)16:25
tilmani think you can feel free to push stuff to contrib16:26
tilmanask a friendly opt maintainer to remove the respective port from opt16:26
Rotwangi see romster gets the cookie16:26
mike_k_well, I'll wait a little and there will be no ports to adopt!16:27
tilmanmike_k_: you mean all the nice stuff is already gone? ;)16:27
teKmike_k_, the wikipage in zabbix_server's README is a 40416:28
tilmanmike_k_: there's wmclock. aren't you  the windowmaker guy?16:28
teK(/wiki/ missing)16:28
mike_k_tilman: even the ugly stuff16:28
tilmanyou mean java?16:28
mike_k_tilman: yeah, but who counts some funky dockapp?16:28
mike_k_noone will notice it has gone or got adopted =/16:30
tilmanmaybe... i have no idea how popular windowmaker is among crux users16:30
tilmanaon: popcon!!11116:30
aonya, right16:30
mike_k_btw, windowmaker is fixing things atm and current (hg) version at least builds16:31
mike_k_I hope on resurrection16:31
sepentilman, also for jre and jdk?16:32
tilmansepen: what exactly do you mean?16:32
sepenromster adopted those ports16:32
tilmanah, maybe in that case we should first figure out what will happen with opt/jedit16:32
sepenso what about the firefox-java-plugin?16:33
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mike_k_offtopic: tilman, teK: is it easy to find Ansmann NiMH AA batteries in Germany?16:33
sepenthat could affect to other opt ports16:33
sepennot only simone's ports16:33
tilmanyeah, damn16:34
mike_k_I could take jedit16:34
tilmanmaybe we need to talk about java on the mailing list :(16:34
sepenand maybe others ;D16:34
sepenwe need some more time imho16:34
teKmike_k_: yes, I think so16:34
tilmanAnsmann Mignon NiMh 4 X AA 2400MAH16:34
tilmanmilli ampere hours?16:35
tilmandoes that make sense? i fail at physics16:35
aon(milli- would make sense, yeah)16:35
tilmanaon: yeah, they fail at casing :)16:35
tilmanerr, capitalizing16:35
sepenor main apere hourly ;D16:35
sepentilman, I think I fixed an issue in 'check_urls' script16:36
mike_k_tilman: I should force my wife's sister to bring me a hundred of that awesome batteries16:36
tilmanwhat's special about them?16:37
mike_k_can I take jedit to contrib?16:37
sepentilman, no reason on the report16:37
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tilmanmike_k_: i think you can take jedit, yes16:37
mike_k_tilman: they are nice at running time and max-e series is nice when you store them charged. and they are hard to find here.16:38
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aonany experience on sanyo eneloop, btw?16:38
aonthose seem pretty cool, too16:38
sepenthe mail sent to crux-reports's ML doesn't contains the 'Reason' description foreach url broken16:38
mike_k_aon: no, but I guess they are inside many other OEM's like sony and panasonic16:39
tilmansepen: can you post your patch on crux-devel ml?16:39
tilmanwhich hunk fixes the problem?16:40
sepend/curl -s/16:40
tilmanit's hard to review with those other changes all over it16:40
sepenthat line16:40
sepenwhere curl is called16:40
tilmanadding --insecure fixes it?16:41
sepenI added --insecure and removed the -s (silent) argument16:41
sepenno, I added --insecure in addition to fix another issue16:41
tilmanso removing -s fixes the problem?16:42
sepenand I replaced the 'head -n 1' for a 'sed 1q'16:42
sepenbut that was in addition only16:42
tilmanhow can i reproduce the problem?16:42
tilmanto verify your fix16:42
mike_k_btw, should we keep the Packager or the Maintainer as the new Packager after taking over the port?16:43
sepentilman, just I could run the script from my home16:43
sepento instead of to the list16:43
tilmanmike_k_: i think you can remove the Packager line and just s/simone/mike_k/ in the Maintainer line16:43
sepenthats right for you?16:43
tilmani'd rather test it myself :D16:43
mike_k_tilman: is that a general rule of thumb?16:44
sepenso pickup those files from my home ;D16:44
tilmanmike_k_: i don't know. maybe you can keep the original Packager line, too ;D16:44
tilmansepen: how do i run it?16:44
sepensh run_bla16:44
mike_k_ok, I guess, it depends16:45
Rotwangi think we should have better way to credit previous maintainers16:45
sepentilman, you need run_check_urls and check_urls from my dir  and then sh run_check_urls16:46
tilmansepen: which port can be used to provoke the error you were fixing?16:46
mike_k_I am running pre-releases of jedit for a long time. I'll update it the the latest pre, if it will be stable for me. you've been warned  ;P16:47
sepentilman, just you can use the last crux-report in the ML16:47
sepentilman, also I added the xorg collection to the list of repos to be checked16:48
tilmani'm running ./check_urls /usr/ports/core/shadow now16:48
sepenah ok16:48
tilmanbut i don't see  any useful output in ~/.check_urls16:48
sepentilman, iirc we have a crontab line for use the run_check_urls script every night16:49
tilmanfor fucks sake16:50
tilmanthe debian url makes great for me, so it seems it's useless as a test case for this bug16:50
sepenwell use another url from the crux-report16:51
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mike_k_teK: thanks16:52
sepentilman, $ cat ~/.check_urls/ports/_home_crux_git-to-rsync-working-copy_crux-2.5_opt_sane.sane-backends-1.0.19.tar.gz.cause                                           (67) Access denied: 53016:54
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tilman~/.check_urls/ports is empty here16:54
tilmandunno why16:54
sepenwhich one are you using?16:54
tilmanhow the fuck can anyone write fucking shell script without documenting it?16:54
tilmansepen: i tried both core/shadow and opt/sane16:54
sepentilman, no, my script?16:55
tilmani'm using /home/crux/bin/check_urls16:56
tilmanto try to reproduce the error16:56
tilmani think curl is just not failing16:56
tilmanso i get no failure report ;p16:56
sepenwell you need to read the .cause of that port16:56
tilmanthere is no .cause, because ~/.check_urls/ports is empty16:56
sepenyep, then use my modified script and read .cause again16:57
tilmansepen: i can just remove the -s parameter, right?16:57
tilmanbecause that's the bugfix16:57
sepenfirstly yes16:57
tilmanstill no .cause16:57
tilmanmaybe i should run it on %)16:58
sepenwell bad port then16:58
sepenI'll try to find another16:59
sepenor use a bad formed source line16:59
sepeni.e: prt-get edit sane (and replaced tar.gz to tar.g)16:59
sepenah ok, sorry16:59
sepenmal == mal in spanish, so sounds me too obvious17:00
tilmanhang on17:01
tilmanyou're right! Reason is empty \p/17:01
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tilman Reason: % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed  0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 --:--:-- 0:00:02 --:--:-- 0 curl: (19) Given file does not exist17:03
tilmannot quite what we want :>17:03
sepen^^^ using my script17:03
tilmansame here, i think17:03
sepenwell surely we can remove the %Total ... line17:04
tilmanman curl17:05
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sepenthe fact is that I pay attention on the mail sent to crux-reports when no Reason where given17:07
sepenand I had only a few minutes to tested it17:07
sepenI'm sure we can find a better solution17:08
tilmanyeah, there's gotta be a nice way17:08
tilmansepen: thanks for bringing it up :)17:08
sepengonna to watch some tv17:09
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tilmanyeah, we just need to redirect stderr somewhere17:23
tilmanand throw away stdout17:23
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