IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2009-01-10

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tilmanhi jue03:56
juehi tilman03:56
tilmandid you update core/groff yet?03:56
tilman(good timing :)03:56
juenot yet, but got the mail03:57
tilmanokay, i'll do that then03:57
jueare you about it?03:57
juetilman: just read the log from yesterday and stumbled over that:03:58
tilmanwhat about it?03:59
juewell, one option would be to say that remaining in opt has priority03:59
tilmanyeah, but that might annoy the contrib guys04:00
tilmanso i gave namenlos another reason :D04:00
tilmantilman the diplomat04:00
tilmani'd love to see gimp remain in opt really04:00
jueother would be to to ask people to add their name even if someone other wants the port04:01
jueyes, me too04:01
tilmani wonder whether there's a working free java environment that we could put in opt and replace jdk/jre with04:03
tilmanif there is i might even maintain it04:03
juebut if we go further with that, we are at the point to ask what distinguish opt/core nowadays04:03
tilmanthat question gets brought up by contrib maintainers from time to time anyway04:04
juewell, WRT sip ports the 'first comes, first takes' principle isn't that nice04:08
tilmanwhat are you suggesting instead?04:09
juehmm, good question, maybe allowing more than one name behind a port04:10
tilmanyes, we can do that04:12
juepriority for opt mantainers for selected/all ports?04:12
tilmanwe can also do that ;)04:13
juewhat about discussing that at our next meeting?04:15
tilmansounds good04:15
tilmanthough i told tek and rotwang to go ahead and move the ports they wanted04:15
jueseems that nothing has happen so far04:17
jueok for you if I add namenlos behind imagemagick and urar?04:22
tilmanof course04:22
juebtw, libidl "belongs" to firefox, if you don't adopt it I can do it as well04:26
jueand there's a new version with a fix that allows us to upgrade bison to 2.4.104:27
tilmanlet me take it04:27
tilmanmy list of ports is already contaminated by mozilla stuff04:27
jueleaving now, bbl04:31
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tilmanjue: i have an updated bison port. it can build libidl. do you have a list of ports that use bison that i should check?05:24
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jue_tilman: sorry no, there was a problem with gcc but that's fixed with 2.4.1 and libidl09:10
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mike_kcan someone with git access to opt drop jedit and wmclock, please? I am about to push them to contrib10:12
* Rotwang binds to mike_s's request11:57
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mike_kRotwang: with another set of ports, I hope?12:07
Rotwangyes, i took 3 another ports12:08
Rotwangand 2 of them are outdated12:11
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