IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2009-01-12

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sepenhey guys, arnuld is flooding #openbsd now01:29
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sepenjue, morning03:47
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sepenATM opt/tetex depends on opt/libgd (still orpahed port), so libgd should be marked with an asterisk or if finally tetex is dropped what to do with it?06:47
sepenin addition
sepenthere're also some bugs assigned to simone, I'll try to make a full review this afternoon and re-assign some of them06:49
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sepenheyo |crux|12:40
sepen|crux|, are you a iso?12:41
|crux|sepen: I discovered the little time that my nickname is the name of a dist12:44
sepenand are you a linux user?12:44
sepennice, you win a big cookie12:44
sepen|crux|, whats c4all?12:45
|crux|sepen: a channel of some friends12:46
sepencrux related?12:46
|crux|sepen: technology in general12:48
|crux|sepen: and talk to old friends12:48
|crux|sepen: you a crux user?12:52
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teKwell, obv. we're all crux-users13:47
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teKanyone with opt/ access present?15:48
teKgegl, babl, gimp, beamed to contrib15:50
sepenand playing with vbox (First build)15:50
sepenok I'll remove them15:50
sepenthanks to you15:51
sepenhmm are you sure there aren't dependent ports?15:51
teKno problem15:51
sepenI think all dependent are maked on the list15:51
teKinltool is not15:52
sepenI picked up, I'm also the packager15:53
teKuhm, well15:53
teKso libart_lgpl will have to go to contrib, too15:54
sepenseems cruxbot died15:54
sepenI made the push;a=summary15:54
sepentilman, I started cruxbot newly15:55
teKso, I'll take libart_lgpl, too  *sigh*15:55
sepennotify me when I should remove them from opt ;D15:56
sepenI'll be here tonigh, going now to eat something15:57
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sepenteK, did you push your changes ?15:58
teKadding the ports to ck4up right now.15:59
sepenah ok, later16:00
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teKsomeone please remove postgresql and rdesktop from opt17:33
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teKas currently is unreachable for me I will have to push the last changes tonight.17:40
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nipuLwhat is happening to opt?20:26
nipuLstill, i guess it's a good thing it's getting smaller20:27
aonports getting moved to contrib, at least20:32

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