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sepenRotwang, could you confirm that ati+gl-select are working fine for you?03:31
teKaon, nipuL someone please remove postgresql and  rdesktop from opt. btw: why is a smaller opt better than a bigger opt? I think exactly the opposite is true.03:33
namenloswhy not postgres in opt?03:37
namenlosimho it is one of the major oss db03:37
teKbecause I'm no opt maintainer (I guess)03:39
sepenteK, I could remove them, but surely you talk later about how I can broken it ;D03:39
teKsepen: this was just a joke :)03:39
teKthere were some routing problems at level3 I suppose03:39
teK(making inaccessable for me)03:39
sepenwell in the other side I'm building vbox newly to include bin/src and bin/additions too03:42
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sepenno idea if additions are really required but imho sounds fine for having it03:43
Rotwangsepen:i confirm03:43
sepenit contains the vbox mount tool for shared folders03:43
sepenRotwang, so I'll push my changes if no one is disagree03:44
sepenok, pitill0 also confirms that03:45
sepennipuL, are you around?03:45
pitill0yeah, here with 2.6.27-7 and 8-12 with the new gl-select it works fine03:46
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sepenteK, pushed, but cruxbot is down newly04:02
sepenI'm gonna to start it04:02
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sepenteK, seems that vbox modules are built fine inside /usr/share/virtualbox/bin/src04:41
sepenand here is the patch
sepenfor the moment I think I could ship it without the vbox-modules-install tool, so whatever person could recompile and install it manually04:47
sepenboth modules05:10
sepenteK, is that enough for you?05:12
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sepenheyo jue05:14
sepenjue please, did you have sometime to test the new gl-select with opt/nvidia?05:15
sepenfinally I added it a --old-stuff switch to keep the backwards compatibility05:16
sepenjue, many thanks, here is the gl-select
sepenI'm writting now a README file with upgrade instrucctions05:17
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jue./gl-select status05:18
jueunsupported: /usr/lib/ (No such file or directory)05:18
jueand now?05:18
teKsepen: I think so. I will check it tonight05:19
sepenjue, you're still using the old stuff05:19
sepenso you need to gl-select use xorg --old-stuff05:19
sepenthen gl-select status05:19
jueUsage: gl-select [ status | use [xorg|nvidia|ati] <options> ]05:19
juedidn't say anything about --old-stuff05:20
teKsepen: but there's no 'wrapper-script' to automate building/installing the modules, right?05:20
sepenyep but you need to upgrade them05:20
sepen^^^ I'm writing a README file for that05:20
jueyeah, but would be nice if usage lists the options as well05:21
sepengl-select use xorg --old-stuff  == gl-select xorg (old gl-select)05:21
sepento upgrade a glstuff you need to switch to xorg before nothing, so you need the old way05:22
sepenafter that you can use the new gl-select05:22
sepenI can't find the right words for explain that in english, sorry05:22
jueok, I've done the following:05:24
jue./gl-select use xorg --old-stuff05:24
jue* xorg gl/glx selected05:24
sepenso status?05:24
jue./gl-select status05:24
jue* xorg gl/glx is selected05:25
jue./gl-select use nvidia05:25
jueYou appear to already be using a non-xorg gl/glx setup.05:25
sepenit works fine for the ati port05:25
sepencould you paste me the result of 'ls -la /usr/lib/libGL*' and 'ls -la /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/'05:26
sepenjue, cp /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libdri{.so,_so} should be enough for you, but I'll try to fix it, sorry05:28
sepengl-select stuff has differences between ati and nvidia ports05:29
sepenjue, thanks for testing it05:30
jueI have a libdri_so already05:31
juenamenlos: btw, have you seen that I added your name to imagemagick and unrar?05:33
namenlosnamenlos: no, i haven't05:33
namenlosnamenlos: hasn't romster taken these ports (not that i do have a problem with that)05:34
juehope that's ok for you05:34
jueno, he hasn't05:34
sepenplease adopt jre too, hehe05:34
namenlossure. i am writing with romster atm05:34
namenlosper email05:34
namenlosif i would be still developing java, i would05:35
sepenjue, did you made libdri_so manually?05:35
namenlosi only take ports i actually use (imho that makes most sense)05:35
juesepen: not intentional, but might be a leftover from our first try some weeks ago05:36
sepenthat would be great for keeping firefox-java-plugin05:36
sepenjue, maybe was the same for me, no problem I'll try on a safe-env later05:37
sepenmany thanks05:37
juenp, thanks for your efforts05:37
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jue.oO bash 4.0-rc105:48
namenlosjue: link?05:51
namenlosah, i thought you would have a releasenote or changelog, somethink like that... i'll ask google05:52
juesorry, no, just got a notice from ck4up05:54
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sepenjue, talking about ck4up, I think I have always the same output for one port, maybe a false positive?05:59
sepenI've the same issue for xfprint too06:00
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juesepen: I gues it's because of the inclusion of 'use_mirror='06:25
juelook at your paste, it switches between kent and garr06:29
sepenbut the problem it's on the sourceforge side no?06:29
jueI'm using the following regexp for SF06:29
jue@TAR@  @NAME@-.*?\.tar\.[bg]z2?06:29
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sepenhmm I'll try06:30
juebecause of the *? it the shortest possible match is used instead of the longest06:31
sepenjue, but seems the same that mine; @TAR@     @NAME@-.*?\.tar\.[bg]z2?06:32
juebut your paste has a different regexp06:32
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nipuLsepen: i am now06:36
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sepennipuL, i am now too07:34
sepennipuL, just I want to pickup gl-select for maintaining it, and I want to confirm that07:36
sepeniirc you're agreed, right?!07:37
sepenjue, nice point, now works really fine07:41
sepenso -suffix is not required if it match the shortest, nice07:42
sepenteK, ping08:11
sepenall you need to re-install vbox's modules is "cd /usr/share/virtualbox/bin/src && make && make install" (of course with privileges), so imho is not required an extra tool script for this task08:12
sepenjue, I can't reproduce your error
juesepen: sorry, forgot to inform you that it worked after removing the stale libdri_so08:51
sepenops, so I'm going to push my changes nwo08:52
sepen*now, ;D08:52
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sepenseems enough?
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sepenfinally I added an error message too
teKyeah sepen a script is not absolutely necessary14:48
teKfor vbox14:48
sepensurely my english sucks but I tried to do an effort14:48
sepenteK, yep I think its enough too14:48
teKhave you bumped the release= for it?14:49
sepenI have the vbox commit on my local branch, ready for pushed it14:49
sepenteK, I think its a major change so its adds about 6megs or more ;D14:49
teKpeople who got vbox installed won't care about 6 megs14:50
sepen5.9M    /usr/share/virtualbox/bin/src14:57
teKdu -sh ~/.Virtualbox/VDI14:58
teKfunny but true14:58
sepenyeah 6 megs compared to virtual images14:59
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nipuLsepen: yeah, go for it17:58
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