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tilmanjue: we forgot the meeting on tuesday :|13:15
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juetilman: right, I was here but forgot it as well14:53
jueteK: ?14:53
teKtig works fine for me14:53
teKI guess we have the same versions for ncurses and git14:53
juehmm, that's strange, sepen saw the same bug14:54
teKI tried uxterm vs. xterm to sort utf-8-display issues out..14:55
jueyou've seen the picture I've uploaded?14:56
teKthose '~' ending the lines look strange15:00
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juebtw, the same picture in agetty, so it's not a problem of X or *term15:05
jueanyone else here using tig?15:12
jue.oO same with crux 2.415:15
jueteK: any reason for not using the usual "configure/make/make install" with tig?15:18
jueworks for me after adding the install-doc-man target15:20
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teKbut still display problems, right?15:33
teKconfigure isn't used because prologic didn't and I saw no reason for changing something that works15:35
teKtbh, I have no idea what could cause the bug at your side15:42
juewell, tested on tree different boxes now, the same result on all15:42
juesepen as well, I guess you are using 0.12 ;-)15:43
teK% tig -v15:43
teKtig version 0.1315:43
teKworks on a gentoo box flawlessly15:46
pitillojue, I tested it this morning (never used tig) and 0.13 gave me same results like your screenshots15:49
teKI can provide screenshots (this IS weird)15:49
juethanks pitillo15:49
jueteK: you lost, we are tree now15:49
pitilloI will test here too to see, but I think it will give the same results15:50
teKone: suspicion15:50
teKtwo: assumption15:50
teKthree: proof15:50
pitillotested on a safe-env and the real machine15:52
pitilloI can't help too much, but seems the same like I saw this morning in jue's screenshot15:56
jueyeah, the same garbage15:56
teKreinstalling tig.15:57
teKno sir. Still working for me. Your CFLAGS are export CFLAGS="-O2 -march=i686"15:58
teKI guess15:58
pitilloteK, here standard flags15:58
pitillowell, I will test on a 2.4 laptop here too16:01
pitillohere I can see it well16:03
juegot it, seems to work with UTF-8 only16:04
jueexport LC_CTYPE=de_DE.UTF-816:06
teKso I was semi-right ;-)16:07
jueyeah, but it's strange that it worked with 0.12.1 adn older16:07
jueteK: try it again after setting LC_CTYPE=de_DE.ISO-8859-116:08
teKI do have similar problems with centerim in a screen in a screen in uxterm..16:09
teKI do hate those issues. From deep down below16:09
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rehabdollthe evdev update broke my arrow-up key D;16:37
teKdid it fall on your keyboard?16:37
teKbtw who voluntered to  maintain the wiki/page? many links on Main/Links are broken16:39
jueteK: feel free to edit/fix them16:47
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teKdidn't know I have access to them. Great.16:59
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rehabdollhum. wasnt evdev's fault17:20
rehabdolloh, it was fluxbox17:21
rehabdollstupid git-repo17:22
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