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cptntilman: I'd like to apply the following to core/shadow:08:01
cptnI reported this a while ago, and it appears they fixed it in svn08:01
cptnbut it's not released yet08:01
cptnbasically, it gives you an error message if you type the wrong password when using su08:03
Rotwangoh, that would be nice ;]08:04
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tilmancptn: shouldn't it be "this time" rather than "that time"?11:32
tilmancptn: we probably don't want to fix upstream's grammar though :D anyway, go ahead and apply it11:33
sepenyellow Sat Jan 17 01:34:02 CET 2009 - Disk on crux at WARNING level11:53
sepenyellow / (93%) has reached the defined disk space WARNING level (90%)11:53
tilmani fixed that :)11:54
tilmanbut thanks for the pointer11:54
sepenis written in sweden maybe?11:55
tilman? :)11:55
sepenI vår service verkstad, tillhandahåller vi11:55
sepensnabb och bra service.11:55
sepenI only understand the word 'service' in this frase ;D11:56
namenlosk, cu guys, i am going home11:56
sepenlater namenlos11:56
tilmansepen: ah, yeah11:56
namenlosno, tomorrow, in my apartment i don't have www :(11:57
sepenwww, then use irc ;D11:57
tilmanW T F  ;)11:57
sepennamenlos, any wifi to crackackattack?11:57
namenlosi don't have a laptop any more.11:57
sepenhmm, recently I purchased an hp jornada for 100dolars11:58
sepenand it goes with a wifi card11:58
namenlosthis is my irssi in my screen running at my home pc in tyrol :)11:58
sepenpitillo also purchased one11:58
Rotwangi have rt61 on my desktop12:00
Rotwangi have tu move my box next to the window to scan12:00
Rotwangbtw sepen have you considered adding iw to aircrack dependencies?12:01
sepenwhats iw?12:01
sepensorry Rotwang, I'm going to googlinng12:02
Rotwangapparently airmon-ng needs iw12:02
sepenPackage 'iw' not found12:03
sepenRotwang, iw isn't in contrib12:04
Rotwanggrep "iw\>" /usr/sbin/airmon-ng12:04
Rotwangit isnt but airmon needs it to set card to scan mode12:05
sepenoops my bad12:05
Rotwangiw depends on libnl12:05
sepenRotwang, thanks for the report, after getting some info I'll try to fix it12:06
sepenERROR: Neither the sysfs interface links nor the iw command is available.12:07
sepenPlease download and install iw from
sepen^ ^ that?12:07
Rotwangbut ive got iw from
sepenwell, its not a buildep I supposse12:07
Rotwangits not12:07
Rotwangthats why im asking if you considered12:08
Rotwangadding it12:08
sepenwhat to do in this scenarious? same that git about git-tk?12:08
sepentilman fixes that adding all the explanation in a readme file12:09
sepenwhich sounds fine for me, so its not a build dep12:09
sepenbut I'm always confused about this kind of decissions12:09
tilmanme too :D12:11
Rotwanganyway iw shoul be in contrib ;]12:11
Rotwangsepen: i may add it12:11
sepenas dep?12:12
Rotwangto contrib12:12
sepenas a separated port?12:12
sepenwell sounds perfect12:12
sepenI'll add a README file with the full explanation12:12
sepenand maybe as niceto have dep12:13
* sepen like .spec files with runtimedeps, builddeps, ohmygoddeps, and etc stuff.12:13
sepensometimes KISS is a bit confusing for some concepts12:14
Rotwangarch has separated deps for depends makedepends and optional iirc12:15
tilmanarch people primarily download packages though, instead of building stuff themselves :P12:16
sepensame as fcore12:17
tilmanyou mean fedora?12:17
sepennow is called fedora-core12:18
sepenall in one12:18
sepenbut well, centos also has the same .spec files for building sources12:18
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sepenhi jue12:19
sepenthnkz for pointing that12:20
sepenjue, your mail12:21
jueah, ok12:21
sepenanyone is using pkg-get?12:22
juecurrently not, but will use it again soon12:23
sepeniirc prt-get can do the same basically12:25
sepenexcuse moi for my bad english once again12:26
jueI used pkg-get ti distribute packages in my lan12:26
sepenjue, I have nfs mounted a /usr/ports/ on a lan12:27
sepenand using prt-get for installing with depedency-control too12:27
jueworks very nice12:27
sepenno doubt, but also prt-get does it for me12:27
juesure, in that case you don't need it12:28
sepennot sure, I'll try for getting a comparison12:30
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