IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2009-01-20

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Rotwangsepen: i pushed iw to contrib09:48
sepenohh nice09:48
sepenso I should modify aircrack-ng a bit09:49
sepenare you using it now?09:49
sepenRotwang, if its required mostly I'll add iw as dep inmediately ;D09:50
Rotwangi think nice to have is sufficent09:51
sepenI recently pushed my changes10:08
Rotwangoh ;]10:09
sepenoooh! due to being down, check_urls reports a lot of shit today
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cptnhey jue12:58
cptnso I assume you've read about the link problems of our hoster?13:09
cptnin #crux?13:09
cptnthere seems to be a temporary solution in place, so maybe we'll have another downtime later o13:10
tilmanoops, it's tuesday13:24
cptnhey tilman13:27
jaegerAnd a very interesting tuesday so far :)13:28
tilmanhi guys13:28
cptnjaeger: I heard you guys got a new president... :-)13:28
jaegerIndeed :)13:28
jaegerPast due13:29
* jaeger updates a bunch of gentoo servers13:30
cptntilman: I missed the latest on tetex/texlive...13:43
cptnwas there any plan how to proceed?13:43
cptnI could in fact pick up tetex for the time beeing13:44
tilmannamenlos said he might check it out13:44
cptnokay, good13:45
cptnI then assume that namenlos will pick it up, or get back to me :-)13:51
cptnso I'll bump lyx13:51
cptnnamenlos: lyx also depends on imagemagick, which therefore must be provided in opt :-)13:51
cptnwhile we're on the subject of orphaned ports:13:58
cptnI've switched away from blackbox for good13:59
cptnis anyone interested in it?14:00
cptnand should we keep it around?14:00
jueI'll offer bbkeys as a must-have addition for blackbox14:01
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cptnwow, I've been on the blackbox mailing list since 200214:08
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tilmancptn: sorry, namenlos said he'd check _texlive_ out14:31
cptnfair enough, I'll take tetex too then14:31
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sepenshould anyone execute pdbcacher to generate the full list of repos at portdb?16:08
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nipuLwhere did the rphaned ports page go?20:16
nipuL:\ wrong wiki20:38

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